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SO. I've decided where I want to go with this blog. I've decided I'm gonna do main blog posts on Sundays (fashion, general life updates etc..) and then if there's anything else, recipies etc.. to share then I'll put them up midweek.

Which brings me to this post, which I wasn't forced to write at all... (I actually wasn't, kindness of my heart n'all that). As you all know, the World Cup is still among us and what better way to enjoy it, than taking half an hour out of your day, to listen to three awkward, yet funny football fans giving their views and match reports on the current World Cup?
Back in 2010 my brother and his friends came together to create an extremely popular podcast based around the World Cup, I believe it even got into the iTunes chart?! They came back in 2012 for the Euros where the Free Podcast once again became very popular on iTunes so it would only be right for it to come back for the 2014 World Cup.
The podcast is easy listening, it can it's not a bunch of people telling you what you want to hear or trying to change your opinion on players or teams, it's the presenters own opinions, some of which are different to each others whether you agree with what they say is up to you.

Basically I'm writing this to ask you all to please listen to the Podcast as it's the essential (I sound like a Tescos Mothers Day advert) Podcast for everyone who takes an interest in the World Cup, and I know many of you do as my World Cup Craziness post is one of my most popular posts, obviously you wouldn't read if you had no interest. The people who have created this Podcast has invested a lot of their time putting it together and it deserves to be heard by the public. I'll post the links below, it is currently available on SoundCloud, so you can listen to it on your phone, which is easy if you're stuck in traffic on the bus or just have some spare time. I believe the Podcast will soon be available to listen to on iTunes - don't quote me on this.


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