I saw McBusted AGAIN!


Hey kids!
Bloody hell, when did I become the worlds best blogger? I literally haven't stopped!
So, Sunday night I went to see MCBUSTED! at the O2 again. This was my third time seeing the band, I saw them at the O2 on their first tour and then again at Hyde Park  in the summer. I honestly didn't think I'd be getting tickets to this tour, but then my brother got them for me for Christmas, I'm extremely grateful! 
So, we arrived at the O2 and got ourselves a pizza express, then I had to run to get a bottle of water because last time I went to a gig at an arena, which was Queen & Adam Lambert (it was very good), we were standing near the front, and I passed out, which was fab. So now everytime I go to a gig I get super anxious and paranoid I'm not gonna make it through, it's really bad, I panic so much! 
We found our seats, which oh my christ, were honestly the best seats I have ever had in my entire life, four, FOUR rows from the front Buzzing! McBusted are such a trip down memory lane, we used to have school discos at school at lunch times in the playground and Busted & McFly were always essential plays! 

Before the band came on I had a look around the arena, we had a little celeb spotting session, I found James Bourne's brothers, some guy from Only The Young, Steven Mulhern - he was the first one I spotted! Emma Willis & The Kaiser Cheifs! Was pretty exciting!

The run up to the band were loads and loads and loads of trailers from films from the 80s and 90s, which was perfect for anyone who knows me because I love old films! They showed, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Teen Wolf, Weird Science, Transformers, The Might Ducks, Back To The Future Part 2 and more. I liked this, most people just have music, but naaah McBusted do it their way and I loved it!

I really liked how the stage was one massive arcade, and each bit of the tour was a level and I thought that was so cool! I watched the opening before we went because I honestly can't resist a good spoiler. It was literally the coolest set up ever, I've never seen anything quite like it, it was awesome!

They kicked it off with Air Guitar, which is their first single, a crackin start, moving on to Hate Your Guts, which I love, it has that sort of late 90s early 2000s pop punk vibe, very Blink, very Good Charlotte, I LOVE IT. They then did a selection of Busted and McFly songs, obviously, Oooo and they did 3am which they didn't do last year, I think this used to be one of my favourite Busted songs (emo kids, lol). after the first 8 songs they finished on the main stage with What Happened To Your Band, which made me feel really really sorry for James & Matt (even though I heard this song years ago, James Bourne megafan whoop whoop). Before vanishing into thin air and appearing on the B-Stage from the Flux Capacitor, which was on the ceiling. BAFFLED. If anyone can tell me how they did that I would be most grateful! Magic I'm telling you, amazing. Who does that?!

On the B-Stage they did Air Hostess and What I Go To School For, two of Busteds most well known song before everything turned a bit mushy, did Obviously, where everyone held up their phone lights, the O2 has never looked so beautiful! Even the little techie men who were sat near the lights above us were swaying their arms back & fourth in the air. Then Danny & James did the most lovely song Beautiful Girls Are The Loneliest, which is one of the most heartfelt songs (obviously written about me) it was all very cute. Whilst all this was going on, the security guards lined themselves up against us and the block next to us AND THEN THE BAND WALKED PAST US. RIGHT NEXT TO US IN WEDDING DRESSES. OH MY CHRIST. They were literally SO close!!! My brother got a high  5 off of Matt which I'm sure made his childhood dreams come true! Incredible!!

Then they took to the main stage again, armed in their dresses, to do Crashed The Wedding! Followed by Riding On My Bike - an album track, I wasn't looking forward to this because I'm not too keen on the song, however my opinion was changed, because the song sounds so much better live! I actually really enjoyed it! We then moved on to Tom telling us we'd signed up for something, when we bought the tickets.. turns out it was a kiss cam. One of those American basketball, proper kiss cams. I stood through All About You being petrified that me & my brother would end up on the screen. Yes, petrified. However it didn't happen, however Emma Willis ended up on their with Steven Mulhern which was quite something. Also during the show they ended up having a huge game of Street Fighter, as an owner of a Super Nintendo, I appreciated this greatly. They finished up with Star Girl before leaving...


On the screens there was a reenactment of the locker room scene from The Mighty Ducks, and then they all came out in hockey jerseys which they should have totally sold as merchandise, missed out there! The finished with 5 Colours, McFly classic, Shine A Light, which they feel like they need to perform at every gig because it was a hit - I HATE it! and obviously Year 3000. Obviously!

They ended with all members of the band flying down a pipe from Super Mario and "Game Complete" on the screen. I took this very seriously, the last tour ended with "To Be Continued" on the screen... if Game Complete means that McBusted are over after this summer? Because as much as I love McFly and want album 6, I am just not ready for McBusted to end.

Please McBusted, continue what you're doing. We all love it.

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