Exciting things & Weight loss struggles.


Hey Kids!

So, it's been a while huh? Don't worry, nothing exciting has really happened lately. Where were we... Oh yes, so it's now March! Not much has really happened recently, but I had to update someone on my life didn't I?

So, my uni housemates and I were looking into booking a holiday for this summer, we looked at the general 18-30 holidays, which I was in no position to really afford, but 'eck, a holidays a holiday right, I've not been on a proper holiday, with a beach since 2013. However. I received a cheeky e-mail from Disney (I'm signed up, they e-mail me very often) telling me that it was 15% off hotel & park tickets with a free half board meal plan. This worked out cheaper than a party holiday, so how could we resist?! There it is! I am going to Disneyland Paris for the second year running, I always used to say I'd be one of those people who'd visit so often it'd become a second home, and here we are! I am beyond excited, we're going in July and staying in a proper Disney hotel, which I've not done before, so I am buzzing!

Secondly, I've started to think about the future lately. The first thing I've decided needs to start happening is DUN DUN DUN Driving lessons. Yep, at the grand age of 21 I want to start learning how to drive, I've been thinking about this for quite a while and my uni friends have been driving me around a lot lately, I've been somewhat jealous. Driving opens up a lot of doors and is something that definitely needs to get in my life.. stay off the roads kids.

And finally, I've come to conclusion there is no way you can do University without putting on a substantial amount of weight. For me the struggle is real. I started uni with a body I was proud of, I worked out everyday at home, I danced for hours a day with the college and I ate rather healthy, but I was still able to eat whatever I wanted, because I was working out. We're now nearly two years in and my lord how the tables have turned. I've been quite comfortable with my weight, UP UNTIL NOW. Disaster has struck! I am fat, I wobble when I walk, my clothes don't fit the same anymore. It's a terrible time. It's not like I'm unhealthy, yeah I like the odd take away (recently more than most, I've become certain I will never shift this weight) but I eat fairly healthily. The only thing I can put it down to is my alcohol consumption (I'm a student, don't judge me). But this is something that is really getting me down, I really need someone who will help me, please comment below if you can be of any assistance!

Beth xoxo

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