Hello April!


Hello there lads!
Oh, looky here, two blog posts in less than a week, aren't you lucky! AND WOAH. WHAT'S THIS? A NEW LAYOUT? WOAH CHILL IT GILLET. So, here we are, April, nearly half way through the year! I've decided to start new years resolutions again, I never really had any goals for this year in January, but now being older and wiser at the age of 21 I've decided I'd like to achieve many things this year.

  • My first goal is to start to learn how to drive, I spoke about this briefly in my last post. But yes, now is the time. Frankly, I don't know why I haven't considered learning before, but now I've a year left at uni, I need to start thinking about the future and honestly, I cannot stay in this deadbeat village for the rest of my life, the only real way out is with all my luggage in a car. No, I need to learn, I'm sick of being a bus wanker, I want to do more day trips see more of the country, I just really think now is the time to start learning, so in the summer, when I start earning again, (rhymes on point) I will definitely be getting behind the wheel.
  • To become healthier is a second goal of mine. I know, I know, this is something that always pops up everywhere, by everyone, but I've come to a realisation that my metabolism just isn't what I used to be, so I'm gonna have to start looking after myself, less take-aways, less chocolate, it's a shame, but we're all getting older, it has to be done. I should probably start exercising too, but then again, we all say somethings we don't mean.
  • Alreeeeet, This next one is something I'm dwelling on a bit. I've been thinking about doing one of those youtube thingys. Honestly, I doubt this will happen, maybe if me old blog kicks off a bit, I could give it a go,I guess. People have told me to start one up, but to be honestly, I don't think it's for me. If I get 10,000 views on 'ere before December maybe, just maybe.
  • Ay up, ay up, Last one, I will definitely be blogging more. I'm not quite sure the sort of people who actually read it, or if anyone does at all, but I'm gonna start off doing loads of random ones until I find something we can all agree on!
I hope everyone has a lovely Easter, definitely be back much sooner than normal! xoxo

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