Hyde Park, Soaking wet & MCBUSTED!!


When McBusted were announced as a supergroup, I, as a dedicated McFly fan & James Bourne lover, I was ecstatic! I HAD to get tickets! So after dates being sold out & people saying no I was left disappointed with no tickets. HOWEVER I did make it to the O2 date in April, courtesy of my brother getting me tickets for Christmas! (Best present ever!). So the concert itself was the BEST THING IVE EVER SEEN EVER. I did not stop going on about it for months, it really was the best thing that my eyes and ears have ever witnessed. After the gig, we decided to shot a few sambuca's and make a night of it, what we were all rather intoxicated my brother announced to the group that we are all attending the Hyde Park gig, that was happening in July, this idea was brushed off due to the alcohol, but always stuck in my mind. THAT WAS WHEN I GOT A TEXT OFF MY BROTHER SAYING WE'RE GOING. I told you, he's AMAZING! 

So after a morning of sellotaping cat hairs off my McBusted tour t-shirt (such an inconvenience having a ginger cat & a black tee) we moved our butts out the house and after a short while, a really boring bus journey and a McDonald's later we arrived at Hyde Park!

The first act we saw was Hollywood Ending, this was my choice, because let's be honest who wouldn't want to see the boy from the year 3000 video? And the fact he's James Bourne's brother. To my surprise the band we're actually pretty good! Got the small crowd going, this could be partly to their good looks, but I liked them! A* from me boys, keep doing what you're doing!
We then moved over to the main stage, which was fabulous, it looked like a rain forest where we saw Diversity (yawn) and Scouting For Girls. Now, I like Scouting For Girls and the few songs they have, they did not disappoint, they're a nice 
band and they can sing, so I'm a sucker for that really! 
After this we (or rather I) watched, or listened, to The Vamps, I like The Vamps, I saw them support McFly on their Memory Lane tour last year and decided to be a fully fledged fan of theirs, I can't tell if I'm taking the piss with this yet or not, but they've a few catchy songs and I'm not ashamed to say I know all the words to them. 

We then moved ourselves closer to the stage for Backstreet Boys. I don't know
much about Backstreet Boys, a bit before my time I reckon. Bit I wasn't overly impressed, not being a fan of boybands who sit on stools and dance. Except you, Westlife. And I was even more less impressed when the heavens decided to open and me, being in only a t-shirt got completely soaked, wet through. Anyone who went to Hyde Park knows how frustrating this is as the entire day had been blazing sunshine up to this moment. Angry face. To then top it off, I went to buy a McBusted hoody, y'know try and dry myself off a bit, and missed James Bourne, THE JAMES BOURNE OF BUSTED, getting up on stage with Backstreet Boys. Miffed? Quite. 

We then had a 45 minute wait for the McBusted boys. When they came on stage. The feels were real. An instant smile was slapped across my face. I was at home. The setlist was pretty much the same as the O2, except this time we received what can only be described as a *beautiful* rendition of 'God Save The Queen' from Dougie. Glorious. The t-shirt guns were out, always a necessity at a McFly gig, exciting times, and my brother was SO close to catching one, but the guy in front was just that bit closer. Danny Jones (who I believe has the best stage presence I the world) was on top form as per. To make it all better the clouds shifted to reveal a rainbow during '5 Colours In Her Hair' like it was meant to be. It was perfect. I was so extremely lucky to have witnessed the biggest gig of McBusted's career, so far. At this show there were far more fireworks, which were glorious, confetti, which was even more fabulous and more wedding dresses, much to my delight. The show ended with a "to be continued..." Sign plastered on the big screen, which gets me excited for an album? And ANOTHER tour? Please god let this happen. McBusted have become a rather large part of my life & I'm not ready to say goodbye yet. 

Overall it was a really good day out. Probably the some of most fun I've had all year,  it was the best day of the summer so far. Hands down. Thankyou for my brother for taking me. 

Peace & love. ✌️☺️❤️

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