Why hello there. 
I'm Beth. Obviously, that's me name right up there.
I'm a Drama and Performance graduate. The next step is to become the next pop sensation.
I created this blog because honestly, I talk a lot and sometimes I have crazy thoughts and questions that I feel really need to be put out there. Also, it's hard to talk when you're on your own most of the time therefore this is my little space when I have nobody to physically speak to.
On this blog you'll find my thoughts - and how messed up they sometimes are. My feelings, I have lot of feelings and when I feel strongly about something, let's just say I don't tend to hold back. My days, I don't really have many of these at the moment, but I like to blog about the rare days and outings that occur in the life of Beth. My life, if I've reached a milestone in my life or dyed my hair or achieved something massive, of course I'll be popping it on the blog! And obviously no blog is would be complete without the occasional beauty or foodie post would it?

Welcome to my world. I hope you enjoy it as much as me.

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