Letting go, walking away & being yourself.


There comes a time in our lives where we have to let go of something or someone. This could be for multiple reasons; because that thing or person makes you unhappy or makes you feel as though you're not, and that you'll never be good enough. If someone makes you feel like you're not good enough, then that is when you should get up and close that chapter in your life because it's not worth putting yourself through hell to try and become something you're not to try and impress someone, if they can't accept your life then get up and slam the door right in their face. Which brings me onto changing your entire personality to try and become good enough for someone else, if that person can't accept you for who you are then they're not worth your time, you should never change for anyone, ever.

I am a big believer in happiness and the key to being happy is to be yourself, and loving who you are. "Just be yourself" - how many times have you heard that? BUT it's why Disney's Frozen was so good, and why 'Let It Go' was such a hit with everyone, and everyone loved it, it's because we like the thought of being free and the importance of being ones true self. But how do we know when we're being our true selves? Because it's not in a work place, or being surrounded by strangers who you've never met before, hell I'm not even my true self in my class at university and I've known them for half a year.

I always feel most comfortable around my family, my closest friends from school, my drama class from college and the people who lived in our block at uni last year. I was really lucky in the fact I didn't feel anxious at all (which is really unusual for me) when moving away and I was able to be myself from day one around the people I was living with, with a little help from alcohol, of course. However it usual takes me a few months to settle in  and get to know people and then over time I'll slowly become the loud, bubbly person that I truly am. OR I'll have a night out and then my true self will be revealed with help from alcohol, I guess I do depend on it to give me some confidence... Anyway, if I'm not surrounded by people I know then I'll usually be very quiet and reserved, even if I have friends who I'm comfortable with, with me. Maybe it's because I was told to be polite when I was younger that I just felt I should act that way towards every stranger until I know I can trust them, I don't even know.

You're your true self when you're around the people whose opinions don't matter to you, it's when you know those people will accept you for who you are regardless if you've put on ten stone or are dressed like a tramp. It will be those people who make you feel at ease and comfortable, you won't feel as awkward or intimidated, it's where you'll feel most happy. Of course there's always times when you can't be yourself, for example, if you're at work you'll behave how you're expected too and not how you'd choose to, but that's just life.

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