A Disneyland Adventure:


10 years ago I went to Disneyland Paris with my family and had the best time of my life and I've been extremely desperate to return as new rides have been added, but there was issues with the money as it is really really pricey, but when my trip to Kavos was thrown in the bin I decided I had to go to Disneyland and see what I was missing! So with that I text my friend, Abbie and she was in! After that we arranged a trip to the travel agents where they were going to charge us £600 each! Which thinking back now, was quite reasonable, for what it was, being in the Santa Fe Hotel - One of the Disney hotels, and going at peak time with school holidays and what not, but it was completely out of our price range (I am a student) so we scrapped that idea. Which is when I came across a deal on LastMinute.com for £200 cheaper, we booked up and off we went.
 I woke up at 5am. Yes 5 in the morning, what a killer! To then pick Abbie up at half 6 where I got my mum to take us to the coach station  (that I am extremely grateful for).  Our coach came about 7  to take us to London where we got the Underground to St. Pancras station, a very glorious train station, very spectacular! After checking in and going through passport control we waited for our train which would take us directly to Disneyland, we were buzzing! Once we'd arrived in Disney we found our shuttlebus which would take us to our hotel. We stayed at The Explorers Hotel which was one of the 4 partner hotels with Disney, basically all the fun without the price, it had a pirate theme and was really nice, except for the fact it took us half an hour due to an assistants dodgy handwriting. After dumping our bags, we got the bus back where the fun really began.

So we had a little wander around, taking pictures of EVERYTHING in sight, before getting on the teacups, obviously a must do at Disney! We then went on the iconic Dumbo ride, which you see in all the adverts and it was glorious! BUT THEN WE WENT ON THE IT'S A SMALL WORLD RIDE. This ride was one of my favourites when I first went, probably because of the irritating music which still to this day drives my parents insane! We then made the decision  to go on Space Mountain. DUN DUN DUN. I HATE rollercoasters. I don't know where this phobia came from, but I went to Thorpe park a few years back, went on one, reluctantly, decided I still didn't like rollercoasters and became deaf in one ear for a few weeks. Saying this, I then went back a few weeks later and forced myself to go on Saw. Petrifying. So you can imagine how I felt going on this rollercoaster, which contained corkscrews and loops - and I lived to tell the tale. (I think I freak myself out too much and convince myself that I'm not safe and I'm going to die, and work myself up far too much) I actually really enjoyed Space Mountain, considering it's one of the first rides that was in the park I reckon it's still got it, it's completely marvelous, and helped me overcome my rollercoaster phobia, slightly. We also met Mickey Mouse on the first day! Which was so exciting! I didn't really meet any characters when I went the first time with my family and to have a short wait to meet him was amazing! I didn't know this was possible, I was excited, really excited, it felt more like Disney when I was waiting in that queue, I definitely turned into a five year old. 

These were the pictures I bought from Disney, which were the professional ones they took, they do let you take your own pictures which I think is really nice of them as they don't force you to buy them, which can save you a few bob, but I am looking at decorations for my new room at uni, and got 3 in a deal in photoframes which could sit nicely on a desk or shelf or something. We ate at The Rainforest Cafe on the first night which was in the village. Oh my god, what a place! We've got one in London (which I've never been to..) But you walk in and it looks like you're entering a rainforest and they have random thunderstorms, and it's just really fun, oh, and the foods good too, before heading back to secure a spot for the Disney Dreams fireworks show. Now, when we went 10 years ago they had a really tremendous fireworks show, which included a parade before. Disney have scrapped the parade, which I was a teeny bit disappointed in, but the Disney Dreams show was truly amazing, I even had little tears in my eyes, it was magnificent. 
The next day we woke really early for our breakfast before getting the shuttle bus to the parks. We went to the Walt Disney Studios first where I went through another traumatic Rollercoaster ordeal & went on the new Ratatouille ride, which we got FastPass tickets for, as it was a 70  minute queue & I get bored easily, I  wasn't expecting anything as I had no idea what to expect because it's new, and it was amazing, truly amazing! We also met Emile, Minnie & Buzz Lightyear, I regret not buying an autograph book, but there wasn't many characters wandering round so I didn't think I'd meet as many as I did!We also went on Peter Pan's Flight which was my favourite favourite favourite ride that I went on the first time we went and it's the most magical and beautiful thing in the entire world. 

We also saw the parade, which I remember being longer? I'm not sure. But we got a spot near the front, which made me extremely happy! I'm not gonna lie, Disney made a massive error in the parade, which made me somewhat sad, was the fact they've CHANGED THE MUSIC OH MY GOD DISNEY NO. NO. NO. NO. - I LOVED the music that they used to have at the parade, so my heart did break a teeny bit when I heard it had changed. But hey-ho, onwards and upwards! I loved the parade, seeing all the characters, and the happy music, it's just really lovely. 
I think we managed to get on every ride we wanted to, except for a few, but I had the best time of my life, and I was in such good company, I literally could not have asked for anyone better to go with. I have also decided I must buy a house in France so I can pretty much live on the doorstep of Disneyland when I can afford to. I have also decided I must leave it less than 10 years to return, because I've never been so happy in one place (my brother could be going in October and I'm hoping to tag along)

I also bought a load of stuff which I shall be putting in a haul at some point because there is simply not enough room in this blog to show you what I got from the World Of Disney. 

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