Walks, weight loss & high waisted shorts:


Ok. So I know what you're thinking.. A blog? On Friday?! Beth, have you lost it? No, actually I haven't, though I doubt that would surprise a lot of you.. Anywho, yes, this is a rare Friday blog as I'm working both today & Saturday and will not have time to put one out on Sunday because I'll be travelling to Disneyland at 6am and there is just not enough time to write one through the excitement! So anyway, here's a little update on my life of this week... 

I started going on walks this week, which is making me feel a lot better about myself, I feel more healthy in myself, I also discovered places in my village I'd never seen before, can you believe it? I've lived here for 20 years and I don't even know they exsisted! Madness! I think once I come back from Disney I'll start walking everyday as it's something I've become a bit obsessed with, and it's such an easy way to tone your legs, which are my main problem area.

I lost another 2 pound this week! Woohoo! I've figured I've stopped losing as much as I'm toning majorly and obviously muscle weighs more than fat, so I'm extremely happy with my progress! I've lost a total of 1st and 5lbs so far and I'm only about 7/8 lbs away from my goal weight, this was the week I've seen a massive difference in my body and slowly but surely I'm getting my abs back, hopefully in the next couple of weeks I'll manage to hit my goal weight!

This week I finally got paid, so I took a shopping trip to treat myself and to pick up euros for my Disneyland adventure. I bought a pair of high waisted shorts, which might I add we're an absolute pain in the arse to find! I LOVE high waisted shorts, especially now my waist has shrunk, I find them extremely flattering to my body shape. But I was so disappointed in the lack of them flying around, I went EVERYWHERE, I normally stick to Primark as they usually have really nice ones, but not this year! TopShop had some for £40, well out of my price range, no thankyou, in the end I settled with some from New Look for half the price & was relieved more than anything to find some. So, whoever makes high waisted shorts needs a big slap on the wrists! 

Also, we're having a flea problem in our house at the moment. Our cats are very wild and pick up all sorts due to where we live, so even though they're now flea free our house is not & we are being bitten to the death, please can someone help us!? We have literally tried EVERYTHING!

I am aware this blog was extremely sucky and bad, but I do work and lead a very very boring life at the moment, I have some really exciting things coming up over the next couple of weeks and when I go back to Uni my life will become exciting once again and there will be much more I can share with you guys and much more fun things I'll be doing, so please stay with me, it will get better, I promise!!

✌️&❤️ Beth ☺️ xoxo

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