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Festival season is upon us! Exciting stuff! And you want to be prepared before you go right?! I went to Reading Festival last year, my first festival,and was only really prepared because I went with my brother & he's been loads, if I hadn't gone with him I'd have been screwed! Now I'm not your average camper, if I camp it's for one night only and with people who are weaker than me so I'm not the one who would potentially get killed first, giving me time to escape. So the thought of spending longer in the 'wilderness' gives me major anxiety, but hey, I trooped though & survived & it can't have been that bad as I'm going back this year.

If like me you don't want to die, here is your essential festival survival guide. 

TENT: Lord Jesus, take a tent, because the odds are you won't (actually you probably will) find a lovely guy or girl to take you in for the weekend, c'mon now, you need one. And a decent one that ideally doesn't leak. last year I used a friends and let me tell ya'll, waking up in a puddle is.. ok, it's a free bath, let's be positive, but no it's not fun, and you won't have any dry socks to wear, that will piss you off. 

FOOD: You will need to eat, food at festivals tend to be quite expensive so it's probably best to take your own, you won't need to take meals and stuff, ain't nobody got time to cook! Just snacks! Unless you're like me who somehow managed to survive the weekend on one hotdog, not even the bun, just the hotdog. I don't know why I didn't eat, I just don't think I was hungry, I don't know it's just something I didn't do. I would strongly not advise this as it's a silly thing to do and I don't want to be held responsible for multiple pass outs or deaths. So eat! 

DRINK: Water, drink it, it's good for you. Alcohol. Now you'll be drinking A LOT of this stuff, so it should definitely be a priority on your list. Drink until your happy, it's fun! But don't be the girl, or guy who's drank it all too quickly and has to be put to bed. You will feel like a complete prat. That's right folks, I was that prat, and I can tell you now, it's embarrassing and you will wake up in the morning in your own sick and you will feel like shit for the rest of the morning, and you don't want to miss your favourite act because your too hungover do you? For the love of God pace yourself & please don't get too drink too quickly. 

HYGEINE: They do have showers at these things, but if like me you're too lazy to find them then you'll have to make do with a wet wipe wash. Girls, no matter how glamorous the magazines make it, wet wipes, dry shampoo and deodorant will be your new best friends, and even then you will smell and it will be bad, but you won't notice because everyone's in the same boat, deal with it. 

Here I am looking oh-so unglamorous at Reading fest last year. 

CLOTHES: It's probably best to check the weather on this one, but don't pack your whole wardrobe. I was proper trampy and wore some of the clothes for a few days - I have no shame. Probably best to wear wellies, you always think of wellies when you hear the word festival, should probably avoid jeans incase it rains as they're a bugger to dry. I'd advise shorts and t-shirts, a hoody for the evening and if the weathers nice then some canvas shoes and ding ding ding we've a winner! 

GO WITH PEOPLE YOU LIKE: Ok, I'm not gonna lie, this year I'm a bit of a tag-a-long. I'm tagging along with my brother and his friends again, but I'm sure after a few drinks I'll be ok (bit shy sober y'see) But you don't want to be going with people who you don't particually know or don't get along with, this will only make it awkward for you. 

DON'T TAKE VALUABLES: Thefts do happen at festivals and you're not gonna want to be the person who gets their new iPhone 5s stolen are you? Plus, the battery will die on the first day, last year we used old phones to contact each other & it's super cheap & the battery lasts all weekend AND it's got really annoying text tones so you can piss everyone off! Also I'd strongly advise not putting locks on your tents as this makes it look like you've got valuable stuff in there and makes it more appealing to theives! 

BUDGET: You won't be able to take alcohol into the arena with you (unless you know how to sneak it in..............;) ) so you will need to budget yourself for that & also food, you don't want to get to Saturday and realise you have no money to drink or eat! 

You will get pushed when people are looking to go to the front, it's alright to give these people a cheeky nudge back, they're not going to kill you! Be nice to people and they will be nice back, you will make friends at festivals, everyone's there for the same reason, so there shouldn't be any issues with anyone unless you create them. You will most probably get hit with piss, let it go, no-one likes a diva. The one thing you have to do is develop a let-it-go attitude, having one of these will make your life so much easier, I'm not gonna lie, I did at first think I was a bit too much of a prim & proper diva to go festivalling, but you just need to let it all go, you will get muddy, you will smell, but no-one and I mean no-one will appreciate your moaning, don't do it, embrace the dirt!! 

Most inportantly, have fun and enjoy yourself! Stay safe, in every sense and make sure you & your chums have a banging time, there's nothing better than a weekend with friends in the sun with some awesome music! 

Have fun guys, let me know how you get on! - Beth xo. 

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