Things to do this summer:


Every summer I make a list of things to do, normally only 20% of the things actually gets done. This year I am determined to complete the whole list. Also, it gives you an idea of things I'm going to be blogging about over the next few months, these could also give you guys some ideas of things to do this summer.

Go on holiday: Holidays are essential for summer, who doesn't want a few days away from reality? I booked a holiday today. A holiday with my best friend to the happiest place in the world. DISNEYLAND. We depart in 2 weeks. Beyond excited.

Go to a festival: I went to Reading Festival last year & I had a splendid time, therefore I am attending again, it's only right.

Go camping: If you can't afford a holiday or a festival then camping is always a cheap and fun option. Camping's kind of become an annual thing with me and some of the boys from college, we just find an empty field pitch up and drink until we're merry*

Climbing a tree: Since I'm a poor student these days, this is something that for me will be cheap and fun, who doesn't want to relive their childhoods and spend a day climbing a tree?

Save money: So after forking out on festivals and holidays I am now telling you to save money. This is more of a personal goal, anyone who knows me knows I am useless at saving money, though this is a must for me this year.

Read more books: If you're like me and don't have many friends then something you can do is just read a book, everyone loves a good story don't they?

Host a bbq: Obviously this one has to depend on the weather, mostly, but if it is really crappy, I can almost guarantee this will be the case in England, then host and indoor bbq, the fun of a barbeque, but inside!

Go out for breakfast: Don't ask me why, but it's something I've always wanted to do. It just seems like something you have to do in summer and it would be completely wrong to do it in winter.

Change your hair: Last summer I ombréd my hair, and it's something I shall definitely be doing again this year, if you're in education it's always better to experiment with your hair over the summer because god help it goes wrong then you still have all summer to get it right.

Record a song: Something I've always wanted to do, if you can't sing then it can be a bit of fun, and good craic!

Let me know what you lot get up to this summer in the comments!

*Please drink responsibly.

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