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I'm not gonna lie, I did only really buy this book because I like Giovanna. She's just a nice person & I'm a sucker for nice things, but I am so glad I did buy it, after months of it sitting on my shelf at uni (apparently I have far more to do than read..) I really regret not starting it sooner.. Though when I eventually opened the page I was instantly engrossed in the book. For me Billy and Me is the best, YES THE BEST, debut novel, ever.

The book starts with an introduction to Sophie May's past, with hints of a dreadful event, which automatically I know is the secret the autor speaks of on the blurb. When the 'secret' was later revealed in the book it turned out it was one of the scenarios I had thought it would've been, so it wasn't really a surprise.

I really like the setting of the book, a small quiet village, I immediately picture thatched roofs and little flower beds - an old English village, something I'm very much in love with. I also liked the small cafe which Sophie worked in with her boss Molly, who, by the way, was my favourite character by far, she seemed like such a loving woman, very honest but only ever has people's best intentions at heart. 

I liked the first interaction between Sophie and Billy, very cute and romantic. I really enjoyed watching their relationship grow during the early stages, and their first date was super cute and I could just gush for ages over how adorable it all is... But I won't. But yes, I was very much in love with their relationship and my heart broke a tiny bit when cracks started showing. 
I also enjoyed how Sophie's character stayed the same throughout the book, even after moving to London and the BAFTAs, I feel that Giovanna may have based this a teeny bit on her own personality. I did see some of myself in Sophie, the anxiety and the shyness, which I enjoyed as I found it really easy to relate to. 

 I'd easily recommend this book to everyone, I handed it straight to my mum as soon as I was finished. It's a lovely little romantic tale with no flaws, Giovanna is a beautiful writer and I'm very much looking forward to reading her second book You're The One That I Want. 

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