Massive Disneyland Paris Haul:


Hey Guys, 
This week has been really slow, I haven't really done much except work, so there's not been much time to think up inspirational posts/update you about my truly exciting life (sarcasm intended). So I thought - whilst I'm still in my Disneyland bubble - that I should do a haul of all the things I bought. I love these kinds of blog posts, seeing what other people have bought, I'm just a really really nosey person. But hey, I can't be the only one right?


The first thing I bought were the ears I am wearing in this picture above (^) I HAD to buy these, I needed them. Basically, before I left I said I was going to buy these, because they're just a Disneyland essential, where else am I going to be able to wear big mouse ears all day everyday and get away with it? - And I did wear them all day everyday, I had bruises behind my ears to prove it. I don't care if I'm 20 years of age, I needed these, and they weren't overly expensive either. Definitely worth it, and if I ever were to go back hint hint hint hint then I take them with me - smart thinking. 
I have a things about keyrings, no these aren't both for me. Actually, neither of them are. I feel like keyrings are nice gifts, so I bought these for both my brothers, originally my older brother asked for a Kingdom Hearts keyring, which I searched high and low in the Disney village, parks & studios and was left empty handed, because of this I bought these two which I rather liked and let him pick which one he wanted, first dibs and everything. He chose the top one with the ears, leaving my younger brother with the bottom one. These were actually quite pricey for what they are, they best not end up breaking, because they weren't cheap!
For my mother dearest, I got her these earrings, as when we were at her work a few weeks ago, one of her earrings (which I was told multiple times were 25 years old, bought from my dad) fell out and was never to be seen again, I told her jokingly I'd pick her up a pair while I was away, and I thought these were really subtle Disney. I don't think she'd have appreciated a mug or something which screamed "I'VE BEEN TO DISNEYLAND" on, but she did like these, good from me!
I realised that I hadn't got anything for myself which said Disneyland Paris on it. I wanted something which specified Paris so it didn't look as though I'd just bought it from a Disney store. Then I came across this gorgeous mug. You can never have too many mugs, right? I thought this one was super classy, and it's got the fireworks on, which I loved so so so much & little diamonds... Basically, I am in love with this mug. 

I bought this Mickey mug for my dad - risky. There is a story behind this. Right back when we were really little my dad always had this Mickey mug that he would call his "Lucky Mug" for when Manchester United would play, he'd drink out of it. Well, one very dull day a few years back, the Mickey mug was smashed, the handle had come off, but that mug still remains to still be the mug that's drank out of every match day, handle or no handle. But there was also a replacement mug, the last time we went to Disney my Dad bought ANOTHER Mickey mug, ANOTHER one for luck! My grandmother was the one to break that and it was never seen again. So. I bought him a brand new Mickey mug, the Premier League is in my hands - fingers crossed.

I purchased this watch, my most expensive purchase because I liked it and it's got all my princess bitches on it. No, basically, last time I was in Disney I got a watched, so i suppose, you could say it's a new tradition. And because I'm really really bad at time keeping, and really needed something.

MY FAVOUIRTE PURCHASE.In the castle they have a Christmas shop. Everyone knows I love Christmas, I start counting down from Boxing Day, it's pretty crazy, but I just really love Christmas. So I HAD to buy this! (And because I was ordered to by my mother). Choosing this was super important, because I can't lose my crown for being the Queen of Christmas. I thought this decoration was the best on they have, it's so sweet! 
I have a thing about photos at the moment, proper ones! So it would only be right to get a photoframe to remind me, and I haven't really got anything with Disney Princesses on, so it only seemed right to get this extremely tacky photoframe.

I took over 400 pictures at Disneyland and need somewhere to put them! They can't just stay on facebook can they?! They had some really really nice photoalbums, which also came with a not-so-nice price tag, but then I found this beauty - a wee bit tacky, I know, but if you press a button then it lights up and I needed it. Though it only holds 300 pictures so I have to find 100 which won't make the cut.
These cups came in a group of four, I bought them for my housemates (I am claiming the Marie glass as my own) I actually regret buying these because I want them all for myself, I've fallen in love with these glasses, sad as it is, but I'm so worried they'll get smashed at a drink up, at uni I've become a protective mother over these glasses.
FINALLY. I decided to treat myself, in year 4 a girl came back from Disneyland with similar earrings to these, and I've been bitter and jealous ever since. I've been bitter for 11 years. Therefore I had to get them because it's what my 9 year old self would have wanted. I really wanted blue ones, but they're done by birthstones, and as much as I love December (hello Christmas!!) I would have felt like I was cheating on January... I couldn't do that! Maybe I'll pick up the blue ones on my next trip..... hint hint hint.

Hope you've enjoyed reading up what I bought, I've got a DIY ombre hair tutorial coming mid week, and possibly another survival guide next Sunday!

- Beth x

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