Being Single on Valentines


Oh here we go.... you know you can't avoid it....
I always feel that Valentine's Day is a lot more in your face when you're single. You have to walk past all the soppy cards and presents in the shops. Then come the adverts. Then the depression..
Now I, have been single all my life so Valentine's doesn't really bother me I once received a Valentine's day card which was thrown in the bin. If you're not man enough to put your name then you're definitely not man enough to be with me... Thirteen year old Beth knows the drill.
As I have been single sooooooooooo long, I feel I've experienced enough Valentine's Day's to make it bearable. 

*Be with friends. You don't want to spend the day alone, feeling sorry for yourself, making it all worse do you? Surely you're not the only single person out there! Get all your single friends together and make a night of it! Nobody wants to be alone on Valentines!

*If you're staying in get yourself (AND YOUR GUESTS BECAUSE REMEMBER WE'RE NOT DOING THIS ALONE) a Chinese, watch a few soppy films maybe some gorey ones - and definitely comedies to get you through. My ultimate Valentine's film is Valentine's Day. I sit there every year, kind of like a little tradition and watch it whilst consuming my weight in ice cream.

*If you decide to go out. Don't. Just don't. There will be Desperate Danny's and Debra's all over the dancefloor, lurking around, trying to find vulnerable girls and boys....Unless that is obviously your intention - to pull - then by all means go ahead, what you do in your spare time is none of my business.

Personally. The only way to spend Valentine's is to get all your single friends together with a strictly pyjamas only rule with loads of blankets - it's still technically winter, it's acceptable. Order yourselves a well deserved take-away in front of a film of your choice. Complete with a bottle or two, or three of wine. Play the feel good tunes, the heart breakers, sit around until stupid o' clock slagging down everyone who has broken your heart and ruined your life while some poor  arsehole is sat in a restaurant paying a ridiculously expensive bill just to please the one he loves. If you're asking me, that's too much pressure. 

Who says Valentine's has to be for couples? Spend it with your friends, get silly drunk, have a laugh, eat fatty foods. Just think, soon all the boxes of chocolates will be on sale so who is the real winner here?

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