"What are your plans?"


A sentence I am damn sick to death of hearing. 

As you're all aware I finished my degree in May and to be honest since then I have been in a little bit of a mess. 

To be completely honest I feel lost. I don't know whether I'm coming or going. All the universities my friends attended provided them with the footage and information on how to become an actor and they were given a lot of guidance and they were all signed up to the Spotlight website. Whereas my  university didn't even provide me with any footage of me acting so I could create my own showreel. I feel I recieved zero guidance. I went to see a Careers Advisor who basically told me to find friends in the industry and basically use them. I felt so down and depressed because I had no idea how I was going to achieve the goal that I've been working towards for the last five years and I'm good and I enjoy. 
The pressure I felt to get a job was absolutely ridiculous, especially since no-one at the university didn't tell us how we could break into the industry we wanted to. I felt that when I left college at 19 I was taught and guided far more into future life. I decided I was going to work in an office/reception type setting and then after 6 months decide whether I was going to go travelling or whatever. I feel I just need a bit more time to decide. 

Then came the job interviews. Since leaving uni I feel like I've had a thousand job interviews and not one has been successful. It's left me feeling so down and depressed. I feel like I've completely wasted three years as I feel less employable now than I did in the first place. I am completely stuck in a rut. My main goal is obviously to become a performer and hopefully when I do start earning I can invest a portion of my money into showreels, acting videos and things like that. 

SO. Truth be told. I have no plans. I am only 22 and I don't think anyone knows what they really want to do at this age. Unless they're particular lucky or super talented and already have their spot.
I think the pressure on young people is outrageous and it needs to stop.

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