The Power of Music


It's no secret of mine that music is probably my first and my biggest love and it's something I feel ridiculously protective over because for me it's very sentimental.
I'm going through a time in my life where I don't really know whether I'm coming or going and due to this I'm trying to pick the music I'm listening to very wisely because it's going to stick with me and remind me about this moment for a long time.

I find it amazing how I can listen to Mumford and Sons' first album and I am automatically transported back to Summer 2012, it's half 6 and I'm on the bus on my way to Thorpe Park. I hear A Thousand Years by Christina Perri and I am 18 years old in the dance studio at college overpowered with a feeling of happiness that I am finally getting the hand of dance. I can hear September by Earth, Wind and Fire and I am reminded of every childhood barbecue. I hear Sugar, We're Going Down and I'm on someone's shoulders at my very first festival.
I can't listen to any of these songs the same as I first did, and I wouldn't want to. These are just some of the most treasured memories. 

Music is so powerful because it is something that can touch every emotion and every feeling. But it's also something that can make you feel. As I've grown I've started to really listen to the lyrics and take them in, Kodaline's last album absolutely ruined me and my heart because I really felt the pain he was feeling looking for the woman, but I also felt extremely angry towards the woman for not being in love with him. But I also felt the happiness in Nina Nesbitt's Stay Out because it's relatable and it's fun. 

Music is something which can relax us, prepare us, make us curl up in a ball of completely depression and cry or make us want to dance our arses off, you get your beyonce on! It's something which we can  be completely obsessed with or something that we don't want anything to do with. It's something which occasionally we need to help us get through the bad. People look up to creators of music to save their lives. It's something truly magical and it's something that is never going to fade and that's hard to find.  

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