Ghosts of Halloween (costumes) past:


I love Halloween. Scrap that. I love fancy dress. But since uni ended fancy dress isn't cool, therefore I have to wait around for Halloween to arrive. This year I have no Halloween plans, which led to my friend telling me "But you're the queen of Halloween, you have to". 

I basically missed the part where Halloween got sexy. Dressing up in nothing but a pair of ears and the shortest shorts just doesn't work for me. I am the least sexy person, it would be so embarrassing for me. SO, here are a collection of costumes which I used over the last couple of years.

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2011: The Alien. Here we have my Cady Heron moment. This was my first Halloween party in 2011. I'd be in college for 2 months and I was expecting everyone to be dressed up as Halloween things, so you can imagine when I rocked up and was greeted with bunnies, catsuits and zombie brides. But 6 years later and this costume is still being spoken about, so who is the real winner here?

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2012: Dead Footballer: Alright, so this one totally lacked originality, but I did go out and buy a whole lot of stuff for it, so I did make the effort..slightly.. I was 18 I was trying to be cool..

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2013: Creepy Doll. To be honest, I'm quite proud of this achievement. Even though it's quite common to do the creepy doll thing now, I remember putting so much time into the face paint, we did a whole evening of trials. Even though it's quite generic, I think this is pretty cool.

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2014: The Pumpkin. This is my favourite Halloween costume to date. I was so over trying to be cool on Halloween. I took it to the extreme. I loved it. This costume actually deflated before I was able to enter the costume competition. BUT it is my favourite costume ever.

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2015: The Flamingo: I have no idea why this happened because flamingos have nothing to do with Halloween, but I embraced it. What can I say? Looking like a twat is my specialty. 

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2016: Zom-bee: The fact this costume was pretty good makes me quite happy to conclude the post, here. I love it. 

I hope everyone has the best Halloween may your costumes be outrageous and fangs be sharp. 

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