Put That Bloody Phone Down


Here I am sitting at my laptop screen with my phone rested on my stomach checking it every three seconds to see if anyone's facebooked, tweeted or snapped me. So obviously I am also one of these people who are very caught up in the life of the shiny fruit on the back of my transmitter.

However we've reached the point where kids are getting standing for hours on end with their phones in the air trying to capture an entire concert. I am very guilty of this. However I only take one or two photos now and I'm very cautious of blocking the view of the people behind me and very paranoid. I try not to stick my camera up for too long. I've never understood why you would want to record a whole gig on your phone, you'll have your hideous voice in the background, it won't be very steady. you've paid £30 or more to watch it through a screen. It's not the end of the world if you can't show it all off to your friends! You're ok!

But it's not just concerts I find when I go out with my friends for dinner now or just casual drinks there is always a phone on the table and people texting and it's not really hard to put your phone down for an hour or so and engage in some real life conversation.

I am obviously a massive tweeter, and I encourage drunk texting as much as the next person. But it's ok to put the phone down occasionally.

I feel that we all need to stop living behind our screens and living. Life is short, you don't want to miss anything because we had to have nose up on facebook.

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