My thoughts on Pokemon Go!


So I've always been a bit of a self confessed geek when it comes to games and cartoons and everything like that. My older brother is massively into games so there was definitely no escaping it when I was younger. I'm actually really into consoles and stuff, despite being ridiculously old school - I'm still playing the Nintendo 64  Super Nintendo so, that says a lot really.. 
Growing up Pokemon was huuuuuge in our house, we had the games, the cards, soft toys we'd watch the program even a board game. It was something that we all enjoyed and that's really rare. 

SO! Flash forward all these years and you can only imagine my excitment when we heard the game was coming out, an opportunity to live out all of our childhood dreams. Unlike others, I waited until the game was actually released (I was petrified of being blocked haha). 

Honestly, this game is the best game I have ever played. To be honest since uni ended I was in a real down state and it sounds sad but I really feel that this game has actually given me a real purpose. I walk at least 7K a day now and I'm feeling so much better about my health because of it. Everyone is hyping over this game, it's really taken over the world. I feel the media is trying to somewhat tarnish this and I have no idea why. 
It's bringing people together in a time when everything is so fucked up which is absolutely fabulous, why should people be shamed for having fun? 

Go get 'em! Catch them all!

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