Dying my hair grey!?


Recently I've felt the urge to experiment with my hair, I really wanted some crazy colours. Obviously I'm looking for work so I didn't really want anything permenant. I'd seen the Pixie Lott hair paints - they're on offer at the moment £3.99 - and had nothing to lose, considering they're only semi-permenant.

I decided to pick the Hawaii colour, a faded blue sort of colour. The application seemed simple enough. Apply to shampooed hair and leave on for 15 minutes. I found the fact you had to put it on wet hair a bit strange, considering I bleach my hair ALOT I've never heard of putting colour on wet hair. But alas I followed the instructions. I left it on for half an hour instead just because my hair is quite a caramel blonde and I wasn't sure how well it would take. 

The dye itself is insanely dark. I was a bit shocked. It was sort of a navy blue colour and I didn't know how it was going to take, I then thought the fade shampoo (which I didn't actually use) would definitely be needed because I assumed it would be quite dark. Also. The dye smells INSANE! Like blue raspberries. It smelt so nice, top points to Pixie for that one. 

Overall, the colour didn't come out quite as expected. Obviously it wasn't going to be how it was on the packet because it never is and I'm not that blonde. I was expecting a sort of greeny colour but ended up with a bit of a grey tinge. I quite liked it though and it definitely made me consider going this colour permanently - watch this space. 

I would probably use this product again, maybe a different colour and see what happens.

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