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Wow, can you believe we are in September? I really wanted to write a post on this season but I had no idea so I stole a lot of inspiration from one of my favourite bloggers, Jess, please find her here
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to the cosy nights and leaves falling from the trees - I am ready.
Such a strange season this time as it's the first September in which I can remember where I have nothing to go back to, no school, no college, no university. It hasn't really sunk in yet that in a few weeks I won't be returning to Worcester.
I started a new job a couple of weeks ago and so far I am really enjoying it, I feel I've almost got the hang of everything, I'm absolutely petrified of doing anything wrong which probably helps and everyone is really nice too which helps get me through the 9-6 day. This means I'll now have money to create (for once) some exciting blog posts for you.

Opening this chapter in my life has given me a chance to reinvent myself as I am now more than just a boozy student who is barely scraping by. As you all know over recent years I've had a bit of a struggle with my weight and as of next week I will be joining Slimming World. For me it's not just about losing weight it's just becoming healthier in general. I'm so excited to start this as I've wanted to raise my game for quite a while.
Moving back home has been quite a weird experience. If you've read my previous blogposts you'll be aware I don't have as many friends as I used to, I'm a self-confessed loner and I've kind of got used to it. In my village I'm very happy with the three friends I have, if I want to see anyone from college then it costs me a bus journey which is fine now that I'm working. But in the evenings it's generally just me on my lonesome which you kind of get used to, but it is lonely.  It also turns out everyone's super busy in their adult lives (which I never am) and everything has to be planned and I'm a spontaneous little bean so it's very impatient for me.
I'm going back to basics and doing what I love, I'm considering joining an amateur dramatics society. I really miss being up on a stage and singing and dancing and the pressure of it all more than anything. It was so weird being at university and never acting in a proper hi-tec show with the lights and the razzle dazzle like we did at college and that is something I miss more than anything.
September is my New Year. There are so many fresh and fun things happening, what's yours?  

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