Why am I single?


I've wanted to write this post for soooo long. I love everything romantic and lovely. I am such a sucker for a ballad, a classic 80s film which all have the best love stories, books with love stories in, I love a bit of romance. And yet. It is still something I am yet to experience. I am 22 years old. And I have never had a boyfriend. Never. Not even one of those ones you have at school where you would post cute pictures on Bebo (christ remember that?!) of the pair of you on the slide at the local park.
Now I don't know if there is something wrong with me, personally. But I am literally and I mean literally the only person I know still in this position. What tends to happen with me and guys is that we'll talk for a bit, I will fall madly in love and then out of the blue they will just stop talking to me. I think part the reasoning behind my singleness is the fact I do fall very quickly and very hard, picture me crashing and breaking the cold hard floor. I joke that I have become a bit of a psychopath over the years. I would be lying if I said that I'm not a terrible drunk texter and two years after I've started to become ignored I will still be drunk texting a guy. The most irritating thing is is that none of these boys ever explain to me why they've stopped talking to me and it makes me feel all insecure because I've literally done nothing but been myself, it also makes me very cautious of trusting people. All I want is a bit of an explanation as to why they don't, say want me. 
I have asked multiple male friends why they think I'm single and the only answer I get is "it's because you're a nutter" but I don't see that as a bad thing.. It's really terrible. I sit alone some nights questioning why my life has turned out this way. 

I suppose being single isn't always a terrible thing, I guess you get to love yourself. Half of my sense of humor is me telling everyone I love myself because hell - nobody else is going to! But also because over the years I've been able to see people change as they've gained relationships and people have stopped doing things and started doing things they swore they'd never do. From an outsiders point of view you kind of learn exactly what to not to do when you get into a relationship yourself. I feel over the years I've got to know myself so well and I'm so proud of who I've become. But maybe I'd like to pass a little bit of this to share with someone else..

Why do you guys think I'm single?

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