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Can somebody please tell me in the year 2016 why we are still being manipulated by media as to what we should or shouldn't be wearing? Or how much we weigh? Or what we should be wearing? Or where we should be shopping? Or the perfect height? Or what makes a perfect relationship?
I have grown so sick of buying magazines stating what fashions are and aren't hot? If everyone listened to this then surely we would all end up looking the same. Why anybody would want to lose their individuality is beyond me. I find it so sad when people are mean about people, even more so when it's against their personalities. I have seen far too many being put down and changing themselves completely just to be more accepted by their friends. If they don't like you for who you are then you don't need them in your life.
I've always been someone who is more than likely to stray from all this. I've never followed trends, I never went through any phases, I've always kind of just been myself. I believe most of my attitude to what is and isn't cool is probably down to my families laid back attitude - we've always kind of been against what is cool, being a geek is fun. 
A few years ago Superdrug launched a pair of celebrity scales, it would match up your weight with a celebrities. Completely disgusting. There is no such thing as a perfect weight. Every weight is perfect. Nobodies weight should ever define who they are as a person. As long as somebody is happy their size and weight is completely irrelevant. It's embarrassing that the a leading drug store was trying to promote something this immature.
In every magazine there are always those "That's hot and that's not" I'm sorry, but there are much more important things in this world to write about.
 The worst thing is, we listen to it. All of it. From the shows we should be watching on the box, or the music we listen to. We let it influence us and we shouldn't.
If you like something, sing it from the high heavens. If you want that entire box of cupcakes, eat them all, let's be realistic every celebrity has far too much time on their hands and the most expensive personal trainers to achieve that body - ain't nobody got time for that! If you want to by the outfit with alllll the colours, let them stare.
Embrace who you are and never change for anyone.
"Wouldn't it be wrong if we're all the same?" - Nicola Roberts.

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