Winter Wonderland, Elf The Musical oh yeah, and I MET KIMBERLEY WALSH.


Hi guys!!

For Christmas I recieved two pairs of tickets to see Elf The Musical in London, I went on Tuesday the 29th, it was the biggest surprise of my life, I will forever be grateful! You can see what else I got by clicking here

I decided to take my friend, Philip with me who had the fabulous idea to go to make a whole Christmassy day of it and take a trip to Winter Wonderland. It was somewhere we had spoken about going for so long and finally, after four years of friendship we finally went. Now, I'm not gonna lie, I was kind of disappointed, it was extremely busy - not really complaining as this is expected, given the time of year and the fact it's school holidays. But I just kind of found it all kind of... naff. Now, I love Christmas, anyone who knows me knows that I literally live for Christmas - no exaggeration! I feel like it could have been a bit more, well, Christmassy. I don't know, maybe it was because it was sunny, I just feel like it was taken over by rides which had no relevance to Christmas whatsoever. Though I did thoroughly enjoy the Market section and the Bavarian village, where I had a shandy, didn't really want to get merry as we had the show in the evening, sensible from me!

After wandering around being bashed all over the place for a few hours at Winter Wonderland, we then decided to find the theatre - so we knew where we were going - and then find somewhere to eat. But my lord, I did not anticipate how long it would take us to walk down Oxford Street... I am the worst fan of crowds, I love music festivals and I'm fine there. But Christ. The amount of people shopping was absoultely ridiculous. It took us a whole 45 minutes to walk the length, my patients was being more than tested, I felt that everyone was just walking around with their heads up their arses. Even worse, dragging their children aswell to get their bargains. Jesus, get a grip, go home and take your kids to a park, I can imagine the last thing they want to to do is shop. Anyway, after pushing our way through the entire population of the UK. We finally found the theatre and a Garfunkel's restaurant. I had a plate of roasted vegetable and blue cheese spaghetti. Which was soooo nice, if anything there definitely wasn't enough of it!

We then watched Elf The Musical. Two days later, I am completely lost for words, speechless. I've seen so many musicals in my twenty-one years of living and honestly, this one is the best I have ever seen. It filled me with so much joy, I laughed and I cried - with happiness, of course! I went in not really knowing what to expect - Elf is my favourite Christmas film, Ben Forester the actor who plays Buddy in the musical had alot to live up to taking on Will Ferrell's character, but honestly he was perfect, he played the character so beautifully. There is nothing I want more from a show than snow, singing, dancing, a flying sleigh and Christmas spirit, and Elf provided me with all of these. It was the most expensive show at The West End but was it worth it? Yes. I now fully understand the price of the tickets, you definitely get what you pay for, if not more, it's worth every penny. Incredible. Kimberley Walsh played Jovie and she was just remarkable. I hope to see this show make a return because it was the best thing I've ever seen.

We then chanced it and went to the stage door and decided if no-one was out in twenty minutes we'd leave. So we saw the chorus leaving, the actors who played Michael leave, and then. There she was. The woman I had idolised my entire life, coming out the stage door. Kimberley Walsh. if anyone knows me then they know that Girls Aloud are kind of a big deal to me. I kind of froze a little bit, she came over to us and signed my programme. She was also the loviliest person I have ever me. People say you shouldn't meet your idols incase they're not what you want them to be. But not Kimberley Walsh. She was everything I ever wanted her to be, and more.

Overall the day was somewhat magical. What a way to end the year.

Happy New Year  All,
Beth xoxo

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