I Don't Know About You, But I'm Feeling 22!


"There's a starman, waiting in the sky. He'd like to come and meet us, but he thinks he'd blow our minds." - RIP David Bowie, a true hero. Someone who's music and fashion had rather a big influence on me in my late teens. I grew up with my dad listening to his music, I definitely wouldn't dress in such an outrageous manor if it wasn't for him. The world has lost one of it's most talented and coolest human beings. Rest In Peace.
Hey guys! 
It is official, I am now old. My 22nd birthday was spent drinking far too much vodka with a side order of terrible dancing. That being said, I think it was my favourite birthday yet.
Last year I wrote how 20 was kind of a really shitty year for me and that I wanted 21 to be everything my life used to be when I was 19, I suppose this is kind of a blog post reviewing the year and things which I may have learnt.. So I started putting silver in the insides of my eyelids again, I started drinking strongbow again.. I suppose I thought if I did the actions of my 19 year old self I would magically become her. 

There I am up there, 19 years old, having a great time doing drama stuff and drinking stuff..
After drinking strongbow and talking to boys who I would speak to when I was 19 and trying to relive my life. I kind of accepted the fact I wasn't going to be getting my life back any time soon and realised I had everything I needed anyway, it was more of just finding myself and I feel I've acheived that this year.

21 was also the year I finally went blonde - more bronde really - after debating it for a good 7 years. It was a risk, I could have completely ruin my hair, it could have gone yellow, ginger heck, it could have even fallen out! But I plucked up the nerve and away I went! 

I attended my first festival without the comfort blanket of my brother, I put a tent up, made a fire, made friends, ate actual food this year, managed to catch all the bands I wanted to AND survived the mental crowds without his help. Amazing.

21 saw my third trip to Disneyland with my housemates. Already looking into my next trip.

Being 21 was probably the second best year of my life, so far.. oh c'mon, nothing's gonna beat 19! Once again I was surrounded by my amazing friends I met at college, also by the three amazing ladies who have been in my life for over ten years now - I think they're gonna be stuck with me, poor sods.. 
 And, of course the ones I have met at uni - not to mention against the odds I passed second year! 

I also would like to thank a special one also, who has kinda become a little bit of a big part in my life... meet Sammy everyone, she is fully responsible for every decent night out in Oxford I've had a 21, also one of the best weekends of the year by spending 4 nights in a tent and putting up with me at Reading Festival. I feel as though I'm gonna be stuck with this one for quite a while and I'm a little bit excited for the adventures we'll go on next. 

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