Winter Blues


Sunday's are usually the most depressing day of the week, right? I'm sure there are plenty of people out there nursing hangovers from wild Saturday nights, being slumped in deep depression with the realisation that you must return tomorrow. But what can be worse than Sunday's? Sunday's which feature in January. January has been named the "Monday of all months." - Personally I feel this is completely unfair, it never chose this life. Yet, it appears so true. There's nothing worse than leaving your house in the morning and it still being dark outside and returning home with the same darkness. Everyone's in debt and depressed from Christmas so having fun is no option.
Though it doesn't have to be this way, here is a little guide, from me to you, some ways in which we can make January the Friday of all months (maybe this is too optimistic?). Together we can get through this, to beat our Winter Blues!


January is the one month you can have sort of a fresh start. Whether that's being Dry January or becoming more organised, or start going to the gym. You can leave everything which happened in the year before in the past. This is your month, the month you get to reinvent yourself, you can come out on top being as fabulous as ever! It's a chance for you to try out your resolutions before dropping them in coming months.


Since you're all still broke and stuff from Christmas what is better than burrito'ing up in your duvet and watching the new series of Pretty Little Liars on a dark night? Also, everyone knows that the awful shows which you hate to love are going to make a reappearance in your life and you love it - you know your Saturday nights will once again be complete with Take Me Out. I know none of this beats the Christmas films and shows which we all know and love, but it's better than nothing. 


This is the month you are still allowed to be comfortable. Wear those joggers and jumpers with pride, pop on your fluffiest socks, order yourself the Domino's winter survival deal (just for one night only, the diet can be put on hold). Grab alllll the blankets and curl up with a nice mug of tea! No-one will judge your for being a slob, trust me, we're all doing it.


January is the month where we can all start planning our summer holidays - how exciting! It's normally around this time we all start finding cheap deals and putting our heart and souls into planning. It's the month where many festivals announce headliners and we all start deciding which ones we'll be attending. This gives you something to look forward too, it'll come round faster than you think.


The snow is setting, the frost is too, this is the time of year everyone becomes a photographer. You take photos which unintentionally become Instagram worthy. It's also the time of year which I love going on walks, find yourself a park or a river, get your wellies and boots on and get yourself a good smacking of fresh air and obviously an opportunity to go and have a drink on the way home...


Winter was created for grey right? And darkness? Well who says it has to be this way? Wear your brightest clothes, paint your nails crazy colours. Go against the crowd. This is probably the best time to stand out. Embrace the colour.

It's ok everyone, the worst is nearly over, please share ways to beat the blues...

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