If money was no object...


Heeeeeeeey everyone!! 

I was thinking about what I were to do if I was to win a huuuuuge amount of money, and this would  be it.

1. The first thing I would probably do is buy a house. I'm 21 and have just started looking at houses in East Sussex way, it's not all that expensive to live there, considering how big and nice they are and comparing to Oxford's rocketing prices. I know this is something I probably shouldn't be doing as I've not even finished my degree and am completely broke. But yes, it would definitely be the first thing I would do.
2. The second thing I would do is probably pay my parents back all I owe them, buy them a holiday home and yea, maybe a bit extra. Giving back to the needy and all ;)

3. I'd definitely book a year trip around the world. Definitely. It's something which I'm really wanted to do, hopefully doing a wee bit when I've finished uni before I look for a proper job. It should be amazing.

4. Get myself one of those annual passes to Disneyland. Who wouldn't?

5. Finally, I'd probably just live happily buying everything in sight.

If you had unlimited money, what would you do?

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