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I'm trusting you all had a lovely Christmas with your nearest & dearests. Last year I wrote a "Goodbye 2014" post summing up my year. I've decided to do another one for this year. Including every month. Enjoy.

January: Ah January, the month I turned 21... I also saw Queen & Adam Lambert this month with my dad and my brother.. My dad had waited so long to see them again, we got in quite early near the front and then the horror hit. I started getting extremely hot and losing my breath. Initially thought I was going to chunder and found a lovely empty spot in the crowd incase this was going to happen. Everything started getting a little fuzzy, I turned to my brother and said "Don't panic, but I think I'm gonna pass out" he then threw me over to my dad when I came round he was carrying me through the crowd and out the door. We weren't allowed back to our spot, even if we wanted to it was so crowded, we then had to stand at the back for the rest of the gig.. Sorry Dad.

February: February saw me seeing Charlie Simpson (from Busted) live. I had waited about 5 years to see him live. I think his solo stuff is incredible. It was kind of the first intimate acoustic gig I'd ever been to, very unusual from the jumping around I'm used to. I loved it. 

March: Not many major events this month, won a few bob on the Cheltenham horse races, discovered I was a bit of a horse whisperer, Zayn left 1D, I discovered I was a top rapper. Oh, and I performed a solo monologue and a group performance at a Charity Dinner in Worcester as a part of my degree. Very scary, we all pulled it off, though. Amazing. 

April: April saw me seeing McBusted for the third time. As you're all well aware Busted are back now and McBusted will probably never be seen again, but it's been a great run, I've had so much fun seeing them with my brother. It's a bit of a shame to see them go, but hey-ho. 

May: The month I finished (and passed) my second year of university. I think it was also the month I purchased my Tassimo Coffee Machine. Which is obviously more important. Possibly the best purchase of my life. I highly recommend it to everyone who loves coffee. Or tea. Or lattes. Or cappuccinos. Or hot chocolate. Amazing.  I ALSO SAW S CLUB 7 YEAAAAA.

June: I went to Ascot in June for a friends 21st, thought I'd try keep up my lucky streak from the races in March. "But Beth did you win anything?!" DID I FUCK. Nothing! Not a penny! Shocking! Though I did consume an awful lot of Prosecco which eased the pain. It was a bloody good day out, with some lovely fuckers. 

July: Obviously July saw our trip to Disneyland. Do I need to say anymore? No not really. It's the happiest place in the world. Amazing. 

August: August saw me attending Reading Festival for the third year running. This year was a wee different as my brother didn't come with me. If you read my blog from the year before you would know I kind of need him there just to kind of help with social anxiety problems, and to not get lost or kill myself. BUT I took the plunge, found a friend and off we went, it was kind of  big deal. I managed to make it through the weekend without setting the tent or myself on fire - we even made friends! AND I helped two groups of people put up their tents after watching them struggle in silence for quite some time. Who knew I was so outdoorsey? Extremely proud of myself!
This was also an extremely sad month as my favourite football player Rafael left Man United. I'd be lying if I said tears weren't shed. Very sad.

September: Not a very exciting month. I departed from Oxfordshire for the last time to start my final year of uni. Something which I really don't want to end. I can already tell the year ahead will be a depressing one. It was also the month I went bronde. Yes. I love it. 

October: I dressed up as a flamingo for Halloween. Decided that I really love a module on my course and that I really hated one... Not much really happening in the Life Of Beth in October, sorry. 

November: I saw The Fratellis this month. anyone who knows me from uni can tell you that Chelsea Dagger has become quite the anthem in my life. It went off. Amazing.

December: Well, here we are again. The end of the year. This month I bleached my hair a wee bit more, soon I will be a full blonde! I arrived home for Christmas. Finally furfilled my dream of doing a gingerbread house - for the first time ever it didn't collapse! I also had a night out in Oxford for the first time in many months, we went to a new club (same old different name) and it was PACKED for the first time in a long time I started getting so shaky, I thought my legs were gonna buckle! But I saw me wee brother and all we fine! It was also the month I started my YouTube channel. Check out my new video here!

2015 was an extremely good year, I'm kind of sad to see the back of it. Here's hoping 2016 is just as lovely.

Speak in the new year!


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