You know we got BAD BLOOD.


'Sup kids!
So, here's a little story for you all! Recently an old friend got in touch with myself and 3 of my friends, talking about a meet up. I knew this day was coming, I never thought it would be so soon. Anyway, moving on. Naturally us four responded as any other girls would - I created a group chat, and we decided on what exactly we were going to do, by discussing the hell out of it. The answers which were flying around were hilarious...
"Do we say we have plans? SHALL WE RUN AWAY?"
"I think we should go for it"
"It's a no from me.."
"I may have not seen the email...."
"Let's just all pack up our lives and move"
Yeah... you could say that went well...  Basically, these girls (GIRL)  kind of ruined quite a lot of our teenagehood.. as I've said before it was a very dominant and obsessive friendship. I can't quite remember how the friendship ended, but I don't believe it was on good terms. 
I know what you're thinking.. "Stop being so immature you're twenty one for fucks sake.." Yes, I completely understand that, but to be completely honest why would I want to sit in a room with people who I haven't seen for two years? It would be awkward and weird, I'm far too awkward as it is. I'm in a bit of a situation though, kids, Y'see, the girl who sent the email is actually really lovely and we used to be really super close, it was such a shame to actually lose her friendship, if there was an arrangement just to meet her, even if I was alone, I wouldn't say no, I miss her friendship, I do. But then there's the other friends involved, I feel like they'd use this meeting to maybe get a bit of gossip out of us all & then bitch about it when we've all departed. I feel like because of these people, I've become far less trustworthy of others. There's a lot of very personal things I blame them for, I know these things happened two years ago, but they're thing that meant a hell of a lot to me and they were tainted because some stupid girls wanted to show off. It was my life and they messed with it.

But then there would be the satisfaction of showing them how much I've become since I went to uni, the fact I won't be held down in a dead end job because with a degree the possibilities are literally endless. Like I'm sure we've all changed, but I think the reason we were all friends in the first place was because of who we all were back then, but since we've grown we probably won't have much in common..
Either way, none of the girls from their side have replied either so it's clear the feeling is mutual.


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