Doing a YouTube thing.


Hello lads and ladies!!
Long time no speak (as per always!) third year at uni is killing me off, though I have never been so busy, tired and snowed under at the same  time! I have a little time on my hands now Christmas is upon us, alas you shall not be neglected any longer.

I have a wee announcement for you all, given it's almost the New Year. I have decided (lies, I mean, I have been recommended and very highly encouraged) to take my blogging to a whole new level by...... Vlogging!! There are things that I like to discuss on here buy physically cannot type, it would probably be easier for me to set up a camera and just speak it to ya! It's something that I've been considering starting up since last Summer, I always had the worries of people I know finding out and taking the piss, I've decided a New Years resolution of mine could be to careless about what others think.

I'm very happy with the unexpected small gathering I have gained through this Blog since I started it almost two years ago. I guess Vlogging is kind of the next step, just like this blog I probably won't be very good with it, but heck I'll try anything once. Also this doesn't mean I will be ditching the blog! Oh hell no! I love writing. I really love writing this blog, I can assure you all this is not the end! I have TONS of stuff which I can type about yet not speak about, oh so many stories.! 

I wasn't really sure how to start of begin a YouTube channel. This will probably be one of the most awkward things which you'll watch, but here it is my First ever YouTube video. The Christmas Tag - seems extremely relevant, tis' the season and all that jazz.

I hope you all enjoy.
Beth xoxo

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