The worst week of my life.


Before I start this post, which will probably turn out to be the biggest rant of my life. I'd like to pay my respects to one of the greatest actors and comedians of all time, Mr. Robin Williams. He bought me so much happiness in his films when I was younger, Hook was always an annual watch in my house and Mrs. Doubtfire was always on every week we visited our grandparents house. When I went to college and was told that Comedy was my forte I was told to study Williams and his work, this to me didn't feel like I was studying at all, I probably wouldn't be the actor I am today or in the position where I'm getting a degree in acting if it wasn't for actors such as Robin Williams. RIP to one of the most wonderful and talented actors there will ever be, I'll be happy if I'm an inch of an actor that Robin Williams was.

DIY pink hair!
This week my parents went on holiday, this is always fun right? Wrong. Normally it's really fun for me because I get to watch all my box sets on the sky box that I normally miss due to everyone being home and having their own shows, since I'm so generous I miss my own programs for them to watch theirs, nice, right? But not this week. Oh lord, god help me if I even entered the family living room this week. I'm not really being clear am I? Well, this year when my parents left us for a week whilst they hit the coast in Cornwall, they left us a gift, my younger brother. Basically, my younger brother has always gone on holiday until this year, where he stayed at home with us, for me this wasn't and issue for me. It wasn't an issue until I returned home from work the day my parents had departed to find the entire contents of my brothers side of the room (he shares a room) in the living room, his telly, his xbox, his desk, his chair - all being powered by MY extension lead, may I add. I was livid. BUT it gets worse. Apparently he was told he was allowed to move his stuff & sleep in there, how dare my parents do this to me like, I thought we were friends. Shocked my parents had betrayed me like this I did what any other person would do in my position and hit the town to drown my sorrows, which completely backfired on me as it was one of the worst nights out of my life, resulting in me going home at half 1.

So Sunday was a bit better, I was stuck in the kitchen after work, still couldn't enter the family living room due to the fact he still hadn't moved his stuff out, as requested by myself. I confided in my elder brother who didn't have a problem with the furniture change-up as it meant he'd get a better nights sleep, without a 17 year old shouting down an xbox headset about a foot away from him until 5am. Which was fair enough, so, I did what anyone else who'd been at work all day and was extremely tired would do. Very childish, very immature, do I care? No. I put on my musicals, in the kitchen, this is, remember I have no access to the family living room, and sang at the top of my lungs until about midnight, which was when I decided it was time for bed. I hoped that my singing had somewhat annoyed him a wee bit. 

Monday was a bit better of a day, had a good day at work, popped into town for a bit after, bought some ombre dye - this was a really exciting day for me, I don't tend to do things outside of work so a trip to Superdrug was really thrilling. It was all fun and games, until I returned to find an extra pair of shoes in out kitchen. "No, no, no, no, no" I thought to myself this only meant one thing, he has a friend round. Oh hell no. This put me an even worse mood as any chance of my entering the family living room had been crushed. I'd also noticed he'd not washed up his pan from the night before, which was sitting dirty on the draining board, it'd been dipped in the water but not washed properly, when I questioned him about this I was told "I didn't use it" - This is a phrase we need to remember because it's used many times later in this weekly story. He clearly did use it, because I saw him using it, what more proof do I need? On the upside of this day, I did ombre my hair, all by myself and it turned out exactly how I planned it! Very happy I didn't have to shave off my hair. Again, I sang my heart out to many musical tracks, which resulted in a door being slammed, which meant I was finally getting to him. Until disaster struck. I looked into the fridge and saw MY prawns gone. GONE. - Here's something else you need to know, my mother bought me different foods as I don't eat pizza or want to spend my week eating pasta. I've just lost weight, I'm not going to pile it back on in a week. Now it was so extremely obvious he'd eaten my prawns as he was the only one who'd been home. Though when I questioned him about it, the reply I got was "I didn't eat them, it wasn't me" - BEFORE LATER CONFESSING. I was absolutely raging, how dare he!!!

I awoke for work on Tuesday morning. To my HORROR I found 2 remaining gingerbread men. Right, So. When my parents go away, my mum gets really cute, buying us lots of treats, always gets us gingerbread men. This year she bought three packs, two each. So when I realised another had been eaten I knew immediately exactly who it was, obviously my elder brother wasn't going to have time to eat one in the morning, but - like a good detective, I didn't point fingers straight away, I text my older brother to ask if it was him, obviously the answer was no, so when I got home I questioned him about it.. and guess the reply I recieved... yep, you guessed it "I didn't eat the gingerbread man, it wasn't me." WELL, EXCUUUUUSE ME! I'm insulted that he thinks I'm that unintelligent. But then the worst thing of all time happened, I went in the garage to find something, don't ask me why it's irrelevant. To look into the bottom of our old freezer to find two empty bottles of my koppaburg. Now, I was quite calm on the others. Eat my food, take over the family living room, move your friend in for a few nights without asking, but don't you dare take my alcohol, which was bought for me as a gift.  THAT is one step too fucking far. £5 for the person who guesses the answer I got? YEAH YOU GUESSED IT. I was actually pretty pissed off that he'd done this, it wasn't just the fact that it was my alcohol, without sounding like an acoholic. But it was the fact it was a gift for me which was bought by someone else. I then demanded that I watch the Jimanji in the family living room. To which I was told "You can only watch it for an hour because me and my friend are watching Geordie Shore at 10" I don't fucking think so mate. I made myself my tea and entered the family living room, to the worst smell, dirty plates, mugs and empty dominos boxes. I sat on a chair where I was able to see the smallest fraction of the television. Half an hour into the film they left to pick up their kebabs, to which I took over the sofa. They then both proceeded to tap on the windows on the way back, now I live in a very secluded house, there is no other houses around us, pretty much like a horror film, so I'm guessing their intention was to scare me, obviously I have half a brain and knew it was them, I then shouted out the window that if it continued I would lock the door, to which it did and I locked the door. Two minutes they then climbed through a window to get into the house. Both sat down, continued playing xbox through my film, meaning I couldn't hear it. This was very inconsiderate and made me very angry and I considered going back to Worcester and living in my uni house because I couldn't take it anymore.

Wednesday was an easy flowing day as I had a day off of work, so I spent the morning in town buying essentials for Reading Festival this coming Thursday I walked around thinking of excuses not to return home, obviously, I had to return home. When I did so I washed up everything that needed doing so including his pan which I'd left on the side from the Sunday. I also spent the rest of the day removing the empty pizza boxes which were left on the side - again, can I mention, not mine. 

Thursday was spent locked in my room in the morning and work in the afternoon. I then came home to find my younger brother had eaten the marshmallows, but that's fine I'd completely lost any sense of feeling and wanted my parents home ASAP so I could start enjoying my life again.

I spent Friday tidying everyone elses mess in the kitchen, without anyone saying please or thankyou, which is completely fine. I wiped down the sides, swept and hoovered the floor, washed up everything that was used by myself, mostly by others. I then spent Saturday wiping down the sides again and wiping up all the washing up my brother had used over the past 7 days, which is completely fine as I didn't get a thankyou from anyone and no-one showed any sign of gratitude - not even my parents who actually came home and had a go at me for "stirring" the situation, which is fine because they were definitely here all week and saw how poorly I was treated, being called a "c*nt" many many times. 

That concludes my blog for this week. Fair to say I am very very looking forward to returning to uni in 4 weeks time. 

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