I went to Reading Festival!


Oh haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. It's been a while, long time no speaks & all that.
So. Whilst you were all expecting a blog on Sunday I was far too busy being else where. Like Reading Festival having me faar too much fun. So it'd only be right to write yous a diary-type blogpost in which I've decided I'm actually alright at doing. So here goes.

Thursday: So, after waking up at a good 5am. Managing to put up a pop up tent alone (I'm not your average camper) I managed to get extremely drunk and pass out at around 2/3pm in the afternoon guess you could say all was swell. I don't want to make any excuses for my disgusting behavior, however, I was feeling extremely anxious and shy on the lead up to the festival, a feeling which I haven't felt in many many years and I just wanted to curl up amd cry to myself & apparently this was my only way to deal with it & buck up a bit of confidence, but clearly it went the wrong way.. but hey, I'm young it's ok to make a massive prick out of myself.... which is exactly what I did, following on from the first night last year.... embarrassing. 

Friday: Basically the anxiety of mine didn't wear off until Sunday, which was actually really sad for me because everyone who we were with were super nice and I just wanted to be social and have fun. But hey-ho, so I stuck to the one person who made me feel, lets say, comfortable. My big brother. The first act we saw was Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance do his new solo stuff, which I thoroughly enjoyed, he seemed like a very nice man, and I'm a sucker for nice people, I also quite liked MCR so, everyone's a winner. We then saw Twin Atlantic who I've decided are one of my new favourite bands, because they were absolutely freeeeeekin' awesome. Wowzers, definitely have to be seeing them again. We then saw Temples(?) - This is me being confused, so I can't remember if I thought much to them or not. (I spent a bit of the weekend seeing the people who my brother wanted too, being a decent sister that I am) We then saw Vampire Weekend, who I really liked them, partly because I know some of their songs and who doesn't love a good sing-a-long? - After this we the stayed through Paramore, who's sound kept cutting out on, this made me extremely happy because I don't like them although they did pull someone on stage which I like because it's nice. We then saw Queens of the Stone Age. Well. I don't actually know much about this band.. I knew about one song. Turns out every other person did... So I awkwardly banged my head along with my music, they were actually alright, I liked them. We then drew the night to a close with the silent disco. Which I enjoyed because I love a good shout around where no-one can really yell at me for shouting, all good fun.

Saturday: There was sosososososo many people who I wanted to see on Saturday, like sososos many. Yea Saturday was a busaaay day for moi. I first saw Milky Chance, in who I dragged my brother to the dance stage to see, if anyone knows my brother you'll know that I pretty made the impossible happen. - He wasn't best pleased, but he's a bit protective & won't leave me alone in these places. So I'd heard Milky Chance on the radio, thought I'd give them a... chance. ba-dum tish. Not my average choice of listen, but 'eck I enjoyed them. Then we saw American Authors (Who I thought were Imagine Dragons for so long, until I was corrected, this is what happens when you move to the land of no-signal) I liked them, they reminded me a bit of Kodaline & The Lumineers, some sort of easy listening band, so there's an album I'll be investing in. We then went to catch the end of Royal Blood - this I feel a bit bad about - when we walked past the introducing stage to see some lad playing a surprise set..  had a little nose around, like "whoooos this then" I then - and I do feel bad about this - stopped my brother and his friend like WOAAAAAAH IT'S JAKE BUGG. - I love Jake Bugg. He is my favourite ever ever ever & to see him twice in one day was just fabulous, I could've gone home on the end of that day being extremely happy. We pretty much spent the rest of the day at the Main Stage, we saw Peace & The Hives, who I didn't really think much to, to be completely honest. My brother wanted to see Foster The People, who, I actually quite like, just easy listening isn't it? All good fun, and we had THE WORST guy behind us all the way through, who - when we left at the end had the cheek to say "You actually wanted to watch Foster The People?!".. Like why would you stand through someones set, slagging it off? What are you, some sort of pillock? Why stand through someone you don't want to see? eurgh, infuriating! I then forced my brother against his will to see Imagine Dragons, he hates them. Made us stand a wee bit back 'cause the crowd were a bit young and annoying.. managed to force my way forward slowly though ;) I thought they were fabulous live! I missed them last year, and I regretted it bad, so I'm happy I managed to fill my regret to see them this year. THEN IT WAS TIME FOR JAKE BUGG AND HE WAS THE BEST THING EVER AND WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST THING EVER. I LOVE JAKE BUGG. - As you can tell, I liked Jake Bugg. Alot. Twice in one day, buy one get one free. ding ding ding, absolute winner. And then it was time to Arctic Monkeys... anyone who lived in my flat knows I played the AM album to within an inch of it's life. Absolutely killed it. You could say I was a bit obsessed... yes, yes I was. Now, my brothers not much one for crowds, infact he even said before Jake Bugg that he wanted to move back. "We can go forward for Jake Bugg, but I want to move back for Arctic Monkeys" Obviously this isn't me and demanded to go forward, and like the spoilt little shit I AM (See what i did there ;) ) I got my way. Then after a massive speech about how we'll meet at a specific place because we're going to definitely 100% get split up, I was certain I was going to lose some teeth during the set. Turns out it actually wasn't bad at all. I ended up shouting along to every song and they were probably my favourite of the entire weekend. Definitely. (And also Alex Turner is the sexiest man alive & I'd be happy to mother his children)

Sunday: I awoke on Sunday feeling like a fresh woman! My anxiety had died down quite alot, and for the first time I actually sat with people - who weren't my brother - and spoke. Obviously I had some help from my friend, wine. I then rushed off (probably very rudely) to catch the end of Papa Roach, who I decided I needed to see because they used to be the song on my 'Piczo' (anyone remember this, it was like Facebook for 2004?!) So it's what my 12 year old self would have wanted! I then went on a man hunt for my brother, on my way I saw some of "Schoolboy Q" who I thought was pretty fucking shit. I THEN saw the Cocktail Bar where I spent alot of time and money before eventually finding my brother who took me to see some band. I can't remember if I liked them or not.. THEN WE SAW THE KOOKS WHO I LIKE BECAUSE THEY'RE VERY GOOD. We then saw another band where I went back to the cocktail bar for more cocktailiness. So, I don't remember them, I then dragged my brother against his will to see The 1975, who I like because they seem like nice people, and I'm a proper sucker for nice things so I thoroughly enjoyed that. We then watched another band, the cocktails had kicked in by now so I can't even tell you who they are... I was then dropped off with my brothers friends, who were super nice to watch Blink 182 who were fricckkkkin' awesome. Glorious end to a glorious weekend.

So, that's that then. Reading Festival has once again marked the end of my summer. Despite passing out and suffering a 2 day hangover I really enjoyed just hanging out with my brother who I don't really see anymore due to uni and seeing some really amazing bands. I'm sure I'll be making an appearance next year, though I do fancy Glastonbury, I'm sure I'll be ending my summer 2015 to the festivities of Reading Festival. 

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