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So Blogger.. it's been a while

So.. last Thursday saw the start of Brazil's 2014 World Cup. I for one was as excited as the rest of the nation. Y'know banging, get a few drinks in whilst England get thrashed n'all that... 

I for one love the excitement of the World Cup, growing up with two brothers and no sisters did wonders for my feminine side.... 

So Saturday night arrived, dad hung (nailed) up the flag up, cracked out a crate of Fosters, created a spotify playlist for the occasion and we counted the hours down before England's first match.
Even though England didn't win, they weren't awful, and will hopefully (all limbs crossed) win the next one! 

Since then football has (and I'm not exaggerating) taken over my life. I'm staying up ridiculous hours to watch matches that I shouldn't even care about. Fair to say, I've got the world cup bug. But who hasn't? 

I also love the fact that twitter has a special update specially for the World Cup, very convenient for those, by those I mean me, who work whilst the games are happening and need to be updated of the score as soon as it's happening. I also like the fact there are many offers on alcohol during the World Cup, this is good for me because as much as I'd like to go to a bar to watch the England matches, none of my friends share the interest I have for football, leaving me at home with me old man, this is also convenient for me as it's not me spending money on drinks, thanks dad, you're a diamond!

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