I'll be home for Christmas.


So, after three crazy months at uni I fought the hangover from our flat's Christmas party the night before, packed my cases and left on the first great western back to Oxfordshire, which I won't lie, I was pretty gutted about, leaving one family for another. Though, breaking up for the holidays was so different this time, as most of my friends still have another week left at uni and the others have jobs which mean they're working everyday, some right up to Christmas Eve. Which leaves me very lonely and very bored, that sucks (and is also the reason I set up this blog, y'know, something to do isn't it?)

Anywho, enough of that moaning, it is officially Christmas. HOW EXCITING! As many people know, I LOVE Christmas more than anything in the world, the cheesy jumpers, the music, the fashion, the food and just the way everyone immediately becomes happy once the season hits, I feel my personality peaks at around this time, I like this because I feel grand for days and days and days.

Obviously this Christmas is going to be the busiest one yet, as I've got to juggle spending time with family, catching up on three months worth of gossip with my friends and working so I can eat decently when I return to uni, how tiring. I think going to uni has made me appreciate this time of year more as I don't see my family as often anymore so I'll enjoy the little time I have with them more than I would've if I hadn't moved away.

The bit which I'm looking forward to the most (other than Christmas Day itself) is meeting up with everyone from my college, some who I haven't seen since June, which I reckon will be really messy, yet so much fun as we're all so comfortable (if not too comfortable) with each other. I'm dreading the stories I'll be hearing from their uni experiences, yet I'll be sharing mine, which doesn't make me any better.

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