Green tea, Sun & The Fault In Our Stars


Since returning from Uni for the summer I've decided to become a healthier person, it's no secret I piled on the pounds over the months due to a really, really crappy diet and lack of exercise. So a dramatic change in diet was most definitely needed. Lucky for me I've always had the motivation to do it; so cutting out bad foods and replacing them with better foods doesn't come as much of a challenge to me. I don't like to think of this 'diet' as a diet because it's not a diet anymore it's a new lifestyle and I don't think I'll go back to eating super noodles (no matter how hard times get) because I don't want to be in the same position as I am this year next year, trying my hardest to fight off the extra pounds, because it's just not worth it.

Saying this, though. I do drink a lot of tea which, obviously can't be good for you, Green Tea, however is super good for you, however, it tastes like arse. BUT then if like magic I was to discover the heavenly drink that is Salted Caramel Green Tea. Lord Jesus, whoever created this needs a medal or 500. It is the best thing ever invented and the fact it's good for you makes it a whole lot better. It is HEAVENLY. 

Summer came at us in full force this week! Superb for me as I had the weekend off, here's a lovely picture I took in Oxford, my weekend off was spent collecting a few phone (fancy!!) & hitting the pool with some of my nearest and dearest and getting majorly sunburnt on my shoulders, so badly that lifting my arms is now a major pain, literally. And having a barbecue with my family, which is always an essential in the household when there's a ray of sun. I also watched the sunset, which I've decided I need to do more often because it was the most beautiful thing I've ever witnessed. 

And this brings us to something I happened to come across this weekend. So after putting it off for so long (behind all the hardness I am a sensitive souls really) I finally read The Fault In Our Stars (I couldn't see the film without reading it first). And oh my goodness it was the best thing my eyes have ever come across, when I read books I have to be completely interested in the first page or else I'll never finish it because my attention span is so small, but with this book I was completely engrossed. I read it all in one day, I honestly couldn't put it down. It is the most beautiful story I've ever read, I rarely cry, something has to be really sad to make my eyes shed a tear, but with this book I completely blubbed my way through the last few chapters. I'm seeing the film in a few days and I'm really hoping they stick to the book because it's something genius. The whole book is just perfect in everyday, it's more than I expected it would be, it's truly amazing and it's not being bigged up online in anyway, Congratulations John Green for writing such a wonderful novel. 

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