2017: Did I Meet My 2016 Goals?


I probably should have made this post before the year was out, but hey ho, that's life.
Last year I made a little list of New Years Resolutions and I decided it may be fun to go back and see if I met them....

Losing Weight: Yes. I actually kept to this! I know, it never happens does it? But I did, to be fair it took me a while to get back on track, but I've lost just over a stone and I'm not stopping there, oh no. I'm gonna keep going until I meet my target! - Very happy with this!

Drink More Water: I was very good at this, for a while... mainly at the beginning of the year, then again in the summer... but when autumn started rolling around I kind of gave up... maybe we'll retry that one this year.

Blogging More: 31 more blog posts than last year. I'll take that. I'm aiming to reach at least 90 posts this year, if not more.

Become More Organised: I bought an organiser, a planner, a folder you name it.. and did I become more organised? No way. I don't think there is any saving me, to be honest. WHY WAS I BORN SO MESSY?!

Saying Yes More: If anything I said yes too much. I probably should have thought this one through. It went completely the opposite way.. I think I should start saying no more, to be honest... But I had fun in all the things I was saying yes too, so I suppose that that is a bonus.

Did you keep to or lose your resolutions?

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