Blogmas Day 8: My Christmas Wishlist


Guys can you believe I haven't failed yet (we'll ignore day 3...). Though today may lack originality, I suppose it'll help you get to know me a wee bit better?

Here is my 2017 Christmas Wishlist.
  • Cheryl's Stormflower perfume - Cheryl always does the nicest perfumes... and it's Cheryl
  • A bobble hat - they're in, they're cool, they're happening
  • A few albums that I never got round to picking up in the year
  • One of those curlers that makes you look like a poodle
  • A bath set - it is Christmas lets focus on essentials here
  • Pyjamas - nice ones, just nice ones
  • A Christmas Jumper - a little tradition I have with myself
  • Happiness within my family
  • World peace... it could happen.

What's on your Wishlist? 

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