Blogmas Day 7: The Work Christmas Party Survival Guide


Let's be honest. Nobody reallllly wants to attend their works Christmas 'do now do they? Like you would want to spend more time with these people you already do, it's awkward, everyone's getting pissed to get rid of the awkwardness and then next thing you know someone's said something they regret causing the next working day somewhat more awkward. 

But here is my survival guide to the Work Christmas Party:

• Avoid talk about work. It's going to happen. Because let's face it, it's literally the only thing all of you have in common. In the next few weeks absorb everything everyone is saying. These are things that you can bring up, it makes you look like you've been listening and actually care.. But if in doubt the weather and food is always a winner. But when it comes down to it, you will all end up discussing targets and annoying customers.

Try to enjoy yourself at least: Instead of sitting in the corner moping to yourself about how much you really don't want to be there whilst everyone else gets up and dances. Join them. Everyone is in the same boat. So just make the most of what you've got. When the rest of your work force gets up and asks you to join. It's because they want you to have a good time. Not to humiliate you.

Don't ruin it for everyone else: Believe it or not some people actually really enjoy these sorts of things (I know, I have no idea either). So just watch what you say, it makes it easier for everyone if you act like you want to be there because you can't have other people being concerned about you. Don't slag off the food - unless others are. Don't start unnecessary drama. Just don't ruin it for others. 

•  Pace yourself: For heavens sake don't be that guy who ends up being completely hammered within the first hour and a half, has been to vomit and is now tearing up the dancefloor to Michael Jackson's Thriller. You won't remember it, but everyone else will.

Don't do it: Don't tell your boss you hate them. Or grope a colleague. Or get groped by a colleague. Again, you won't remember but everyone else will. 

Wise up: If you really don't think you can handle it, tell your friends where you're going so you can out of the blue bump in to them. Nobody will suspect a thing.

But most of all, enjoy it and please for the love of God, stay safe.

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