Blogmas Day 6: Who Will I Be Spending The Day With?


I come from qutie a small family so we don't really have the whole cousins thing going on due to the lack of cousins. Christmas Morning in the Willoughby household is normally spent with the five of us - my dad, mum and both of my brothers - there we do the whole opening of the presents thing to the exact same playlist each year - with the same songs we have always listened to for as long as I can remember - all the classics. We then go to see my grandparents for a bit.

Every other year we have my grandparents from my dads side up for dinner and then we'll end up playing a board game, watching a new film, general chit-chat and everything that comes with Christmas really. Now that we're all over 18 we've started incorporating alcohol into games, last year we played Black Jack and the loser had to do a shot of gin.
Because we've got such a small family our house is definitely the place to be, I hate to say that we're the most happening people in the family - but we are.

The main importance of Christmas is seeing family and because my family is so small this is guaranteed. 

I can tell you one thing though, regardless of the year. I have never had a bad Christmas Day and I am so happy that everything always turns out the way it should and there are (not any major) dramas. 

Who will you be spending this Christmas with?

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