Ghost The Musical: New Wimbledon Theatre | Review.


I'm a massive musical theatre geek, there have been multiple times where I've been sitting with my friends with my iPod on where it has gone from Catfish & The Bottlemen say, straight into the Wicked soundtrack and just like that the party is over.. so a trip to the theatre was definitely on the cards. The day came around on the 10th of September.

I'm probably going to be butchered for this but I have never seen Ghost the film.. I don't like Patrick Swayze. Don't ask me why, I just don't, so I had absolutely no idea what to expect, really. I'd read the synopsis so I kind of had an idea as to what was going on. I'd also read some reviews and heard other peoples opinions so it was fair to say I was expecting the worst thing ever, basically. I'd heard and read terrible, terrible things. But I like to keep an open mind, I  didn't want to judge something based on the opinion of everybody else. 

The musical is based on the 90's film with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze as Molly & Sam. Sam basically gets murdered and comes to life as a ghost - trapped between life and death - he manages find out that his girlfriend is in danger but cannot tell her as she can't hear or see him. Sam meets Oda May who is a medium, she ends up being the only one who can hear Sam and manages to end up helping Molly.

Andy Moss' performance of Sam Wheat in this production was truley remarkable, he touched all the right emotions of the character, something I was pleasantly surprised by this because I'd only ever seen him in Hollyoaks, it's fair to say I wasn't expecting much. The man touched my heart and plenty of others who were sobbing in the audience. 
For me Jacqui Dubois completely stole the show. Her character was hilarious and she did it so much justice. I thought she was incredible. 
I suppose we should speak of Sarah Harding's performance. I'd read the most terrible things, Awful things. Borderline bullying. Her performance was ok, it was better than I was expecting and hearing. There were some pitching problems, but I read she was ill so maybe, I don't know, but maybe that played a part. Her acting in it was absolutely tremendous and very convincing. Hats off to ya, girl.

 The show itself was very convincing and I thoroughly enjoyed it, for someone who had never seen Ghost it definitely made me want to watch the film as I now know it's not terrible. It's running for quite a while, I'm debating whether to see it again, maybe there will be a change up in some of the cast...

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