Why I'm Voting In.


I am going to get all serious for a second here for the first time ever because this is a real serious thing you guys and I think we all need to be doing this you know...
As we all know, there is the EU Referendum coming up. If you don't know. What the hell sort of rock have you been living under for the last few months. I'm writing this under the assumption you have all registered as the cut off point to register has been and gone.
This is just why I am voting to stay in & the benefits of it. Not to try and influence anybodies vote.

What is the EU?
The European Union is a selection of countries whose governments work together, they pay to be a member and being part of it you have to follow the rules and in exchange you are given certain benefits. They money from the EU is used to do business in Europe. 
The EU has become bigger the rules have changed and some people believe that Britain would be better off leaving the EU as they don't believe we're benefiting given the money we pay and this way the country would have more control. Although in the past Britain has remained in control of itself and opted out of changes such as the Euro. 

Why I am voting to stay in:

*50% of our trade is with the EU. This makes us richer.
*1 in 10 British jobs are linked to the membership of the EU. We will be missing out on these, you or your friends could be losing jobs. 
*The EU negotiates trade outside of Europe. If we leave we will have to renegotiate these deals.
*Flights are cheaper. Meaning it's cheaper to see the sun once a year.
*Equal pay for men and women. Do I need to say anymore?
*There is more freedom to work and study abroad. 
 Basically none of these things are guaranteed if we leave. If we leave it's going to effect us majorly in the long run.

(Also, cheeky note to all women out there, do the votey thing, people fought really hard so we could vote it'd be a shame to waste that)

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