Blogmas Day 6 | fancy burgers & christmas fashion


So, today, I arose to find my Christmas jumper lit up & flashing again, until I picked it up where it - disappointingly - stopped working again, gutted, truly gutted. After this we went shopping for tomorrows Christmas dinner we're having in our uni house, which I'm super, super, super excited for. And on the way we saw the CUTEST little burger van dishing out pulled pork burgers and it was just adorable, it reminded me of the tables from Lady & The Tramp & if anyone was to take me on a date there.. well, I would not object. It was really Christmassy and lovely. 

So. The other week I put my back out, I'm pretty much a 20 year old with the bones of an 80 year old woman, I'm pretty much parlysed at the minute, they say you shouldn't rest it, but I struggle to get up, and I can't sleep standing up can I? Living the dream, me. I've tried cracking it, stretching it, but nothing.

Today saw one of my Christmas jumpers make it's appearance. I've decided it's time. Christmas jumpers are tacky, but to class them up a bit I've began to tuck collars over, it looks super cute.

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