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Well, well, well, what do we have here?
Here I am, putting myself out there. I've always been a bit frightened to do posts on products because I am in no way a professional beauty person, I will always opt for the cheaper/basic brands because they are all I can afford. However. I still believe this gives me the ability to tell you all my favourite smelling products.

 Cheryl's Stormflower Noir is the perfume which I recieved last Christmas, I recieved the original Stormflower Perfume the year before (I am a shameless Cheryl fan) and it was the most fresh, floral smelling perfume I'd ever smelt so I was extremely excited to give this one a go. This scent is so much stronger than the previous. But it's a very light smelling perfume, one which smells very perfume making it very much worth the price. It's got quite a musky tone which I wasn't so keen on at first but I grew to love very quickly. The thing I love the most about this perfume is that it is very long-lasting, I wear it on nights out and wake up still smelling it. Cheryl's perfume range is very much value for
money, though personally I feel as though I should be paying more. It's a very expensive smelling fragrance, for nights out and posh meals. Good one Chez, keep it up.

I am so in love with the Jack Wills Body Mist trio. I never thought I'd say this because we all know Jack Wills is super expensive and I'm so not into expensive brands and I've a little bit of a hatred because when all the kids at school were wearing their hoodies and tracksuits, I - nor my parents - could afford them so I sank into extreme jealousy. Though these were bought for me as a present for Christmas and I love them. They're so light and long-lasting. The Hope Cove fragrance is definitely one for spring, it's got a very refreshing scent. Though the English Velvet is probably my favourite, but I love a good fruity fragrance! The Proud Makers (is that what it's called?) mist is a scent which I'm undecided on yet, it's very light, very fresh smelling, it does smell amazing, I'm just not as keen on it as I am with the others. Though these mists are extremely misty and last a long time, so they're everything I've ever dreamed of.

Ok, so technically these aren't perfumes, but they smell devine. I'm so in love with any Beauticology range, anything that smells slightly like a sweet shop is definitely something I'll be purchasing. These are from the Christmas box which - again - I got for Christmas. There's a very warm sort of scent about these lotions and creams. The Vanilla Hand Cream and the Toasted Marshmallow Body Lotion really compliment each other, they're very subtle fragranced lotions and make your skin super soft. The Body Butter is literally the sweetest smelling thing ever and if you want to smell around smelling as hot as a plum pie then this is exactly what you need! It's got quite a strong smell to it, but not too overpowering.

So there we have it, my favourite fragranced products.

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