Hello March!


So, here we are. I always see March as sort of an opportunity to start the year properly, I suppose the weather (should) start changing and everything just feels all a bit fresh and new.
So February wasn't all that bad of a month, though I probably started on the lowest, I was just so over everything and everyone..
I started my last ever semester of university. Towards the end of semester one I was feeling "so over" university, I felt as though I wasn't achieving anything by being here, but it's so close to the end I must survive. We literally have just over two months left and there is no point throwing in the towel.
I completely fell in love with writing again. I'm renowned for being the worse blogger ever. But here I am! Posts every week, sometimes more, what a turn around!
I fell in love with acting again. I feel like I haven't really done the style of acting which I love at uni and I suppose I was feeling pretty down about that, I began to miss the strictness of our college and the singing and the dancing, so I started filming myself doing monologues and little bits to put on youtube just to fill that little hole in my life which has been empty for a little too long.
I went on my first ever tinder date........ I know, I know. But I never really do dates so I thought I'd give it a go, I had fun, though he never text me again so I doubt he had the same effect *monkey see no evil emoji* though at the end of the day I got a few free drinks so we can't complain, can we?
I went blonder, blog post coming up on this one very soon.

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