5 Cities I Would Like To Visit


I have lived an awfully sheltered life -visiting only three countries in my 22 years. When I finish university this year I am hoping to go travelling the globe a little bit. These are a few places which I am extremely keen to visit.
Amsterdam is somewhere which I've always wanted to visit - no  not because of The Fault In Our Stars, when I was a bit younger it was always somewhere that would be absolutely banging for a night out. As I get older I want to see more of the culture. I'm hoping that this is somewhere I'll visit this year (yay!) as it is definitely in the pipeline.
I am such a geek when it comes to museums and Budapest is full of them -  including a pinball museum - it's pretty much a dream come true for me. Maybe hopefully this will be a part of my travels.
Do I need to say anymore? The drinking capital of the world! (I don't know if this is a fact.. but it sounds about right) also there is a LEPRECHAUN MUSEUM! - Say no more!
 New York at Christmas. This is the dream. I'd love to take my dad too because I know that it's his dream to see the tree at the Rockefeller Center. As someone who is completely in love with Christmas, this is literally the dream.
Obviously this maybe one to visit when I'm less..... single. But look how beautiful it is!  

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