Things I'd tell my teenage self


Hey lads,
I know I said I'd publish, but I had a shit ton of work to do for uni & it would actually be nice to pass the year to finish my degree so yea, priorities.
Now, I'm 21 I've learnt alot of things in life. I feel I've matured in many ways... ahaha who am I kidding? But I do feel like I learnt things the hard way and these are things I would tell my 16 year old self, which if I'd known back then, life may have been a lot easier. 
1. Your friends aren't your real friends. Wait. That sounds bad. The people you go around with now, yeah stop trying to impress them, in a few years they will mean nothing, you should have ditched them a long long long time ago. Well, except the ones who you don't try to impress, yeah they're still here, you're all still very close.
2. Don't talk to boys. Don't do it. It's not big and it's not clever.
3. Enjoy that burger whilst you can! You're gonna put on a bit of weight, but you're gonna lose it too! And then you'll go to university and put it all back on again. Enjoy the time you have left with that super-skinny body, little one.
4. Be more confident! You little rat you, do you know how hard you made your life? If you'd opened your mouth sooner life would have been much easier. Give it a few years and you'll be loving life with that new found voice of yours. 
5. Chill yourself man, you don't know where you're gonna end up. You do not have to make all your decisions in one year, you have time. Enjoy life, take it as it comes. 


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