Goodbye 2014.


Well, we have all now well and truly seen in the 2015 New Year. Whether it was having a few too many or staying in with your family, I hope you all had a lovely New Years Eve. I spent mine down my local with two close friends, not how I'd planned, but it's not where you are it's who your with, and it was lovely.

Now 2014 had ALOT to live up to since I'd named 2013 as "the best year of my life" which it was. I think I've managed to have a decent one, despite putting on a ton of weight, this is what I got up to.

After seeing in the year by getting thrown out of a nightclub and having my hair held back by a stranger whilst I vomited, the month didn't really go anywhere else from there... But I did have the best ever 20th Birthday. My lovely lovely university pals threw me a good old bash, and the thought that went into it was lovely, I don't remember it, but I remember that I had fun. It was also the month I got mumps which was just a barrel of laughs, we got to see how I'd look if I became obese, so that's definitely not happening.

In April I saw McBusted for the first time, it was a fun filled day, I had a bit too much to drink before, but managed to sober up in time for the gig, which was SO AMAZING. I honestly have the best brother for taking me to see them, I reckon we both would have regretted it if we didn't get to relive our childhood and sink back into 2002. Amazing. Best Christmas present ever.

July was probably the most magical month. My brother took me to see McBusted AGAIN. And it was so good, the same set, but it was really freakin' amazing, other than the fact the heavens opened, and I had to spend £35 on a hoodie because they ran out of ponchos, meaning I missed Jmaes Bourne singing with Backstreet Boys. Fabulous. But it was all amazing, and the month didn't end there, oh no I then have the best time ever in Disneyland with my nearest & dearest, Abbie. I'd wanted to go back for so long and I was so lucky to have found a good deal! It really was the perfect weekend away, I'm so happy I managed to go there, and in such good company.

Of course no summer would be complete without a festival. So, of course I went to Reading Festival. This was the second time I'd been and I saw waaay more acts than I did the first year I went, other then spending half the weekend hungover, I had a really good weekend, I don't think I'll be going again this year, but I really did end my summer on a high.

I also did many other things which were good in 2014, like passing my first year at uni, and going sober for a month, I had a super good Christmas seeing my family. But saying all this, I have decided that 2015 is going to be even better, it is going to be parallel to 2013 (the best year of my life). As sad as I am to say goodbye to another year, I wish everyone good health and happiness in 2015, lets make it a good'un.

Beth xoxo

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