Beth's X Factor Blog: Week 2.


*Sigh* As if I've dedicated 10 weeks to writing this blog. But I've started now so I might aswell finish, you don't want to be a half a job harry now do you? So yea, if you couldn't tell from last weeks blog, I am by far X Factors biggest fan, but because of the return of the princess that is Cheryl Fernandez-Versini I feel inclined to do so. Anyway, I was extremely happy with the acts who left last week, Overload Generation & Blonde Electra, two of the worst - out of many bad ones -kick them all of early to leave the "talent", right? I was happy with this, until I discovered that Overload Generation would be performing at our local club at uni, meaning that the price of entry would go up £2 and I'd have to endure these little shits for 20 minutes or so. Unimpressed and unacceptable. 

Basically, it was (or supposed to have been) an '80s week' theme, I, for one am a big fan of the 80s, cheesy music, leg warmers, bright lights, everyone's happy, glorious, right. Yeah, no. Obviously X Factor *cough* Simon Cowell *cough* had to suck all the fun out of it didn't they? To put it bluntly, it was very lifeless, I just don't understand how you can take 14 songs and just rip the life out of them, disgraceful.

So, Dermot came on and did his little spin thing, and the judges came out all looking glamorous, yes Cheryl, that is aimed at you. Before the dozens of adverts bombarded our television screen, we got to see an act. That Jack fella, as you're all aware, failed to impress me last week, and once again he did again, so flat, so dull, so boring, this was then followed by Steph, who I have to try to be nice about because I got her in my sweepstake (amazing, I know), gave us a slowed down version of Blondie's - Call Me, which I found to be extremely boring, I accepted this as cute as she is, you can't really expect anything less, can you? She's not really that good... NEXT WE HAD ANDREA WHO OF COURSE WAS FABULOUS. What is even the point in continuing when he is so obviously going to walk this show because he probably shits in harmony. Lauren is also good, I wasn't overly happy about the slowing down of the song - by this point I was pretty much falling asleep. When I read 80s I want fast paced songs, I want dancing, I want fun. This week disappointed me, the worst choice of songs. Ferne had a boring song choice, she can sing, yeah, but she's still not overly impressing me. Chloe Jasmine was dissed by the judges for changing her sound from the jazzy style she has, I didn't even notice that she changed her sound, but apparently she did so she was slated, however if she'd sang in the normal way she does then she would have been slated for keeping it all the same... I'm just saying. I should probably say something about how that boyband and Jake were bloody awful and please please someone vote them off. Oh I also forgot to mention Lola, yep, boring, boring, boring... Ben Haenow impressed, because he's good (even though the song he was singing was from the 70s and not 80s.. not to be picky, but don't pick a theme if you can't stick to it). Paul was another one who basically got forgotten about.. not for me. I was so bored, I even gave Stevi a bit of credit for only because I liked the song he chose and it was a bit up-beat and actually had a beat. Only The Young were on point, but lets be honest, you can't really go wrong with a bit of Come On Eileen can you? Anyway the show ended with Jay giving us a truly terrible rendition of The Proclaimers. This week was all about the judges getting one over on each other, Simon being bitchy to Cheryl and Mel B, Cheryl being bitchy to Mel B and vice versa. Proving that the show isn't actually about the so-called talent but indeed the judges themselves, it's just immature, pathetic.

Basically this week was the worst 2 and a half hours of my life. 80s music is supposed to be cheesy, I don't understand why they tried to make it to fit the modern day, when it clearly isn't modern. You know it's bad when the worst act in the competition can get it right and everyone else can't. I don't really understand what they were trying to get at... It's made me not want to watch it anymore just because it infuriates me.

Jake is still in the competition and I hope he did enough tonight to get himself voted out.. I'd also like to see the back of the boyband army and Stevi. Anyway, join  me again next week, where hopefully Jake is no more.

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