Things That Were Cool When I Was 13:


Ah, 2007, what a grand old year that was. I refuse with the life of me want to believe that it was 10 years ago.. madness. 
I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had recently turned 23 (yikes!), this means that 10 years ago I was in my first year of a teenager, which seems absolutely mental.

I thought as a tribute to my 13 year old self I'd write what was cool (or at least what I thought was cool) when I was thirteen.

Bebo - Oh yes, before the days of Twitter and Facebook we had Bebo. I used to make 'skins' for people and even used to make people rent out my love. - cringe!

High School Musical - This was everything I could ever have dreamed of. I was honestly obsessed. It was probably the thing at the time that most people had in common and sort of felt like I was apart of - not to mention Zac Efron - the man that every girl on the planet swooned over.

Jane Norman Bags - Is Jane Norman even a thing anymore? Everyone would carry their P.E Kits in the florescent bags, which probably had the strongest handles in history. If you were cool enough you'd definitely have a material Jane Norman bag for all your books/lunch and then a separate plastic one for your P.E Kit.

MSN: This was basically the WhatsApp of our generation. You'd add people on your Hotmail, usually with the tackiest, most distasteful email address you could possibly have (xx-xbethwilloughbyxx-x for reference) and you'd spend all your evenings chatting away to your friends about everything that happened in that day or just aimlessly nudging them for hours on end. If your crush accepted your add request that was it you were pretty much in there.

Foundation Lips - I don't know how this trend even came about or why it stayed for as long as it did. Apart from trying this look in my bedroom once, I never took to it. But nobody can say they didn't try it, just once.

Skins - This, I definitely shouldn't have been watching at 13. I've just started re-watching the series and surely my parents should have been a bit more concerned that this was everything that I aspired to be at the time. I remember staying up until 11pm to watch it on Channel 4 because it was shown later than E4 which I didn't have (pre-freeview) in my room. I do remember this playing quite a significant role in my life, it taught me things I never thought I needed to know and showed me things I never thought I'd see.

Slider Phones: Literally all the rage. I don't really know why they were ever a thing. Some even had cameras on the front, which as you could probably imagine was really thrilling.

Over plucking your eyebrows: You were only cool if there was nothing there.. Don't even ask me about this one..

Putting your thumb and index finger across your chin in the shape of the Nike tick and gazing to your upper right: This was THE pose of 2007, you weren't a rudegyal unless you had it as your profile pic' on Bebo. If you wanted to look extra gormless you could also pout your lips.

Glitter Eyeliner: Was it really 2007 if you and your friends weren't running to the nearest Superdrug to by the £1 2True glitter eyeliner in every colour. It was definitely more clear eyeliner than it was glitter and definitely never as sparkly as it was advertised. I'm 100% sure that everyone tried to have the most glittery cat flick that ever existed, this brought nothing but disappointment, I'm glad it stopped selling.

Quiffs: I was never cool enough for this trend because my baby hairs covered half my forehead and wouldn't ever clip up no matter how much hair spray. I don't even know why quiffs were even popular, everyone literally looked like the sun from tellitubbies.

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