Scrapbookin' it.


It's fair to say I'm a very sentimental person. I'm a massive hoarder. I refuse to throw anything away because it's worth the memories. I save certain smells and I thrive on the fact that certain songs can take you back to a place, a time or a person. I struggle to let go...

When I came back from uni after graduation I was a whole mixture of emotions and I didn't really know what to do about it. I was feeling very nostalgic and I was wondering sort of how I could bundle the best three years of my life into something spectacular.. and then I remembered that when I were a wee lass how scrapbooks were all the rage. 

I took myself to Paperchase and bought a notebook, one that would be used for art projects, some metallic pens, sparkly stickers and numbers.

I got the photos themselves developed at Boots - may or may not have broken the printing machine - I printed 188 in total and got them in squares because I thought if they were normal size then it wouldn't be so.. scrapbooky. Going through the pictures was a bit surreal you see some of the friendships which had fallen apart, some which have most definitely got stronger, it was also so weird to see how much we'd all grown up throughout the three years.But it was kind of surreal because there are moments that you kind of forget all the things that you've done because it all happens so quick..

There you have it folks. 
Scrapbookin' is back in fashion!

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